[H] Looking for RAF partner

Area 52
1.) I'm looking to do RAF so I can get a instant 80 monk come the 25th (release night) I am planing to go monk main. I can supply you with gold for repairs, and other things needed.

2.) I am also willing to do RAF leveling from 1-80 on release night/day, this is a good option for YOU if you are wanting to change mains as well and are willing to be on another account doing so.

For option "1" you will need to supply you're own CD's (buying classic/bc/wotlk) and also have flexible hours. Being able to play all day every day is a PLUS!

For option "2" you will still need to provide your own CD's. I will also still be willing to provide some gold for repairs and whatnot if needed. It is a must that you are able to play release night (12am PDT) and be able to play for 15+ hours. (this means go to bed 6-9 hours before release at 12am PDT) make sure you're able to have a minimal amount of down time (as in bathroom breaks). If you have to go eat dinner with your family, again minimal down time is a must.

I'll be running BoA gear and I believe if I only have BoA gear, we both get the exp boost!
Hey man I actually play on area 52 aswell and i shot you a add ingame. But to make stuff simple you should just add me on skype: "DannyD120" Look forward to playing with you man

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