Is Old Crafty an account wide achievement?

I've been trying to fish up Old Crafty, and it occurred to me, that I may as well level fishing on my alts while trying for the achievement. Do all my characters get the achievement? Or just the one who actually fishes him up?

all your characters will have it shown that you have it. But, if you get it twice on 2 different toons the 2nd time you get it will pop up with the achievement window.

Getting it once will give you the 10 points on your achievement window no matter who you are on.
Cool, thanks!
Hrm... didn't notice that it *is* account wide now. That kinda nerfs it a bit. Having trouble fishing up the opposite faction's city fish from Org/IF? Just log on an alt and go fish without fear of getting ganked. Kinda lame... *sigh*

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