Tricks of Our Trade: Peas and Garrotes

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Thats really sad.

Also, did they ever give a reason for why pands are already in the major cities?

Still haven't finished that comic, it is so friggin huge.
My realm, being an RP-PvP server, had a big discussion about the Theramore event and filling in the gaps in the storyline that Blizzard neglected to give anyone. I'll copy/paste a few posts from our boards for the people who were going "wtf was that about" in this thread.

Honestly I'm a little miffed that they left out this much back story for our pre-expansion "event". Sure I can see getting the books for the filler, but this was some really big stuff in terms of lore.





Horde roll over Northwatch and expect to march right down to Theramore. Garrosh makes them sit and wait while the Alliance bolster their forces. Baine and Vol'jin are pissed because they feel they have a huge advantage to just march and take it.

Tons of reinforcements get to Theramore, including the 7th Legion fleet and top Alliance generals. Garrosh finally launches an attack and the Horde are rebuffed. Baine and Vol'jin are now VERY pissed because they waited needlessly, and then the bomb drops.

Essentially, Garrosh waited to let top Alliance members, including a large naval fleet, get to Theramore so he could wipe them all out. The "assault" he led on Theramore was just to get their spy back (a Kirin Tor blood elf), which is what the Horde Scenario is all about.

Meanwhile, one lone ship was sent from Theramore carrying the women and children to safety. I assume this is the ship you are on in the scenario when you finally return, since you avoided the carnage.

In the end, Jaina was pulled out at the last minute by Rhonin through a portal to save her from the bomb, but because she protested she got caught a bit in the explosion (hence the appearance change). She goes back to Theramore super pissed, kills some orcs searching the place afterwards (which you help with in the Alliance scenario, but in the book she does herself), and she takes the Focusing Iris to Stormwind hoping to convince Varian to use it on the Horde. Because she is super pissed.

Shandris and Vareesa Windrunner were on patrol looking for the escaped Horde spy, so they survive. Kalecgos is also there too, in fact he flies up to try and stop the bomb because the iris, a blue dragon artifact he had been searching for, is in it. He is wounded and falls into the bay, escaping the blast that way. Rhonin dies saving Jaina and diverting the bomb blast to the top of the tower.

The Scenario Alliance side shows none of this.

Btw, Jaina takes the iris herself to SW, but is unable to convince Varian to use it. She then team up with Vareesa Windrunner (now a widow) and tries to get the Kirin Tor to help (she talks about floating Dal over org and obliterating it like some kinda rad death star) but they refuse. She goes herself to Fray Island and summons a ton of water elementals to create a tidal wave to drown Orgrimmar once she learns she can enslave. Thrall shows up having had a vision of the destruction of Orgrimmar and tries to stop her, but is unable to do so since her powers are enhanced by the Focusing Iris and proceed to get rofl stomped. She is about to kill him when Kalecgos intervenes and convinces her to stop (lol romance). Jaina then swears she will fight the Horde till Garrosh is gone and tells Thrall he is no longer her friend. She and Kalecgos then fly north and save Varian and the Alliance fleet from the krakens he had summoned. The Horde Blockade of Kalimdor is then broken as the elemental army sweeps over Garrosh's fleet. She then ends up as the head of the Kirin Tor thanks to some prophecy by Korailstraz (Krausus).
Jinthiel. Thank you so much for taking the team to recap all that!
They admitted in the dev chat that they punted the story side of Theramore and should have had intro/outro quests to provide context for the part of the scenario that were shown.
Rhonin dying like a hero is bull!@#$. He is the bull%^-*ist of bull!@#$ Mary Sue characters out there.
Thats really sad.

Also, did they ever give a reason for why pands are already in the major cities?

Still haven't finished that comic, it is so friggin huge.

.0 patches are always a weird transitional moment. They are there because they are there when MoP hits. Kinda like, why is there no explanation for why there's this whole new area south of Tanaris that we can't explore. Where did it come from?

It doesn't make sense in the .0 patch, but makes sense when the expansion launches.

The out of game reason. So that the servers don't have to come down and the clients don't need patches before they can release MoP. They can just flip the switch.

The timing of things in the scenario... The Alliance side technically happens after the fall of Theramore, after the bomb has gone off.

While the Horde side is during the Horde assault on Theramore, prior to the bomb dropping.

A few notes that people forget... Baine and Vol'jin didn't want to be there and a big part of their protest at Garrosh waiting for days and days and days camped up north in plain view after trashing Northwatch was the further loss of life of their people by letting the Alliance get there.

Baine also had a tauren longrunner sneak into Theramore and warn Jaina the attack was coming.

Baine and Vol'jin actually form a counsel of the non-orc races to discuss Garrosh and his seeming madness but they're betrayed by the goblin member. Later on, Garrosh's new right hand orc assassinates the forsaken and blood elf military leaders, only sparing Baine and Vol'jin because they happened to not be at the bar he blew up. He was hoping they would be though.

Garrosh is a blood elf beater. He backhands the female blood elf general when she tries to speak.

I feel like the book did a great job of setting up that a huge chunk of why the Horde is approaching a civil war practically while the scenario gave no hint of that.

Annnnnnd, the biggest ball dropped in my opinion is Garrosh's proclamation at the end of the book. I feel like it should be trumpeted all over Orgrimmar this last week of the expansion. I'll transcribe it here for you.

Note... Garrosh types in all caps.

"Attention all able-bodied members of the Horde! Warchief Garrosh Hellscream has issued a call to arms for all citizens! Male and female adults! You will train to fight the Alliance in a war in which we shall be triumphant! Children and others who cannot bear arms -- You will assist in crafting weapons and tending to the needs of the warriors! Anyone found shirking his or her duty will be arrested for treason by the Kor'kron. No exceptions. For the Horde!"

I feel like some variation of this should be all over town, similar to the proclamations of doom we had back in Cataclysm's opening. Within context, it's pretty powerful stuff. Being arrested by the Kor'kron within context of the storyline doesn't mean you're going to sit in a cell. It means you're going to be beaten within an inch of your life or outright murdered. Non-orcs have been shunted off to the slums, they aren't allowed anywhere else unless given a reason to be there by Garrosh himself. The trolls have left, not going into the city unless summoned by Garrosh and the same goes for the tauren. The blood elves and forsaken have token ambassadors in Grommash Hold and that's it. The only people outside of younger orcs and Blackrock Orcs (granted amnesty by Garrosh recently to form a brute squad for him) who seem to enjoy the situation are goblins and they're in it specifically for the money as usual (Garrosh has so much respect for them he purposely ignores them and when he does give them attention he pats them on the head like a child).

There's just so much interesting stuff going on and none of it is touched on within game. While I'm all for ignorance of what's going on forcing the Alliance players and Horde players to really grind their teeth and get in each other's faces... This is a little much.
09/19/2012 07:38 AMPosted by Antru
They admitted in the dev chat that they punted the story side of Theramore and should have had intro/outro quests to provide context for the part of the scenario that were shown.
It was a combination of laziness and greed for book sales, is my thoughts. Exactly where I figure the ratio between the two falls is all about how generous I'm feeling toward their intentions. At the moment, not very.

By the time I was done the event, I had discerned I had killed some random NPCs in Theramore armour. A few of which had abilities that I have no idea what they did, because they died before it could matter. Then I rescued some Blood Elf and the goblins showed up with a bomb. Isn't that what they always do? Highlight of the entire event? Said random Blood Elf was voiced by Crispin Freeman, that was a treat.

Why did I go there, how did I get there, what did I do there, why do I care that I went there?

I have none of those answers. Eight years of WoW, and they absolutely fail at the core foundation of game design. Have they forgotten how to even make an engaging game? Or do they just not care whether they do?

I hate what they're doing to raiding, my principal reason to even play the game. I like the concept of MoP. This however, makes me exceedingly hesitant; more so than I was before. Pre-launch events are supposed to hype up the expansion, especially if it takes the form of one of your new gameplay modes. It, in theory, should set a precedent. This is a terrible precedent. It troubles me.

I've been mulling this over on my own for some time, after this it makes things only harder: I do not know if I am coming back for MoP.

After time away it's natural for interest to wane, then you return and find the things you really enjoyed. I basically went into a hiatus by the time I killed H Deathwing. I was looking to have that exciting homecoming feeling, just like I have before. What I got was a feeling that the Devs that created Theramore care less about the game than I do at this point.

Edit: If even half of what PJ just posted was the actual pre-launch it would have been great. Tie-in merchandise is great. I love the idea of the Richard Castle novels written by "Richard Castle" tie-ins they have going for Castle. I haven't read more than a few chapters of the first, but I think it's a brilliant concept, and when I get more time I will read them. I am not missing out on key series story by not reading them, however. I feel like I have no idea what's going on in WoW right now, and there is no way in-game to find out. Tie-in products, like DLC - use responsibly.
Just found out I can't say !@#$%^ tonk badonkadonk on the forums.

Its a sad day.
09/19/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Caera
I love the idea of the Richard Castle novels written by "Richard Castle" tie-ins they have going for Castle.

Never got into that show, but my wife loves it and thoroughly enjoys the books. :D

Edit: Also, that story for Theramore sounds really cool to me. However, I have no desire to play through a game that does nothing to draw you into that story. :(
The Daily Blink did a good write-up on what actually went down in Theramore... *snerk*

In terms of tie-in content (specifically novels) in WoW's lifespan, there's always been a disconnect between those who only play the game and those who go digging for more information, whether it be by books or website or whatever.

This is just the largest gap I've ever seen however. They've got this amazingly huge story crafted here and 99.9% of it is being completely missed by the vast majority of the population.

The sad part is I personally feel it's one of the more compelling stories they've told in years going back to the moral problems presented by the invasion of the orcs, the subsequent imprisonment of them and so on.

You've got a civil war within the Horde brewing, Alliance leaders finally maturing enough to deal with things in a manner beyond simply bashing heads in and a guy who isn't technically evil but is definitely finding himself swallowed up by the corruption of near absolute power. There are effectively secret police in the streets squashing any and all thought or rhetoric against Garrosh with extreme violence. Entire races are being subjugated and used like cannon fodder (and it's not just forsaken anymore, so no one can hide behind the "they're not really alive" line anymore). It goes so far as to throw the elderly and children into the mix this time.

Nobody knows about any of that though. All you know about is a tabard or a mini mana bomb (of which you have no idea of the significance aside from the fact some goblins dropped a larger version and leveled an Alliance City/Kingdom). No one realizes that what we just effectively had here was a completely unprovoked act of nuclear war. The implications of that or if you're Alliance, the fact that most of the Horde was appalled.

Heck, Horde players didn't even get to pretend to be part of the small cadre of individuals who was pushing for the attrocity that just occurred. It just looks like your every day quest. Collect four boar hearts, murder seventeen Night Elf druids, burn down a hut, collect your gold and move on, people.

Haha, an awesome xkcd and Daily Blink...

This is, indeed, a good day.

Are people really that unoriginal... There were like 2 Aeriwens worldwide a couple of years ago...
I saw someone running around in GW2 yesterday named "Aeriwhen" and I thought of you.
The Alt's thing on Guild is so wrong. I don't have a shaman on Shandris and I dont have Warrior on Shandris
I finally digitally upgraded to MoP just a few minutes ago, guess I'm in for another expansion...
I have realized what has irked me the most about the entire Theramore affair. The Deckard Cain principal!

Build X up over years of story and lore, and fan investment; have it punked my some randon no name introduced five minutes earlier, then sail along as if nothing significant just happened.
I have realized what has irked me the most about the entire Theramore affair. The Deckard Cain principal!

Build X up over years of story and lore, and fan investment; have it punked my some randon no name introduced five minutes earlier, then sail along as if nothing significant just happened.

That reminds me of the time I spent 2 days of summer making a giant sandcastle... then it rained.

Sure, it's minor now, but at the time, it was ridiculously frustrating. Hell, I've not even attempted to make a sandcastle since I was 7 because of that.
This makes me want to read the book.

Which I hate. Because I want to want to read the book because I want to read the book, not because blizzard wants me to read the book.

This scenario has effectively made me feel like blizzard is pressuring me into getting the book, which is making me not want to get the book that I might have gotten before.
Waren, you just made my mind bleed...

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