Demonic slash

Bug Report
Shadowbolt has a few forms:

Normal shadowbolt
Touch of chaos (metamorphosis version)
Demonic slash (dark apotheosis version)

The first two do the dmg that their tooltips say they will, whereas demonic slash, while saying it will do around 15k (about what the others say they will do) is, for me, doing 7k dmg, if that.

Now if the tooltip is off, and that's the amount of dmg it should be doing then thats a minor bug, I don't care about it, if however one of my main spells is doing half what it should, well then we have a problem.
I would also like to know the answer to this.
im same demonic slash does half the damage the tool tip says
I noticed this as well. Seeing as I'd feel mighty OP in what amounts to a tank form if I did double the damage I do now, I feel it's probably a tooltip error.

Still, I'd love to know what all this is about.
Looking for a blue post on this... if it should be doing 2x the damage it does, then this is majorly gimping Demon Hunting as a lock.

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