Unplayable on MacBook Pro Retina with 10.8.2

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Upgraded my MBPr with 10.8.2 today. On the same settings I was getting 40-50 fps I am now getting ~8-9 fps. Thoughts?
Hi Macoun,

This is actually being discussed a bit over in the D3 forums. Some users have found resetting the SMC after the 10.8.2 update helps resolves these issues. Can you try it?

Resetting the SMC
well, it's probably the firmware update doing it more so then 10.8.2, but yeah, i just posted that updated info to firmware update thread as well :)

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That looks to be the issue. I reset the SMC via the SHIFT-CONTROL-OPTION-POWER combo in the power off state and now my frame rates are back to normal. Thanks for the quick response and help!

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