Gamming laptop choices???

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I was and still may build a desktop but my wife says she liked it when I am in the room with her rather than in the next room.

I had a laptop that I played on till a few months ago and it was working great, while she was watching her shows I was able to play and still be next to her, cheesy I know.

Anyways budget is more around $870 but if I can get free shipping I can go with $1,000 easy and would like to list two that I am looking at currently and ask for thoughts and input. I will be ordering around the 4th of October and may depend on deals at that time, but currently this is what i have found.

Thank you for looking, I'll respond after work tomorrow.

Edit: Found this one...
I would spend a little more for a MSI barebone based unit, unless you don't mind having:

5400 RPM drive, 4GB RAM, and 1600x900 glossy screen.
I can not seem to build a barebone system from any vendor that matches, then again I could be missing something.
that new one you linked seems pretty sweet, and there is a rebate ontop of that, though it was probably because it is last years model, but that should be fine.

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