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Oceanic Guild Recruitment

I am "Xihphor" and I am looking for a guild in the oceanic realms (alliance). I am looking for a healing position on my shaman, druid, or priest.

My chars:
85 Druid - Kitty/Guardian (played feral since vanilla, yes vanilla) - know how to heal too.
85 Shaman - Resto/Elemental (my main alt)
85 DK - Unholy/Blood
85 Hunter - marks/surv
85 Priest - holy/disc
82 Mage - arc/fire

I am a very experianced raider and wish to continue raiding through MoP. I have just moved from the U.S. to Japan (with a break for SWTOR) and wish to transfer my characters to an oceanic server to concur with my new time zone. I have been with my current guild for about 2 years now but alas they are raiding on U.S. EST time.

I have raided every raid since the vanilla 40 manners (except original naxx.). I only got to clear normal DS as I was in the middle of moving my family to a new country but never-the-less I am no newb and would like to transfer to a semi-hardcore guild i.e. 2-3 night a week raiding on Aussie or Japan time after the usual work day.

If you are interested in a great addition to your raiding team, please reply to this post with either a PM name in game or your website to fill out an application.

Thank you
Hey there Xihphor.

Prometheus is a 10man Alliance raiding guild on Khaz'goroth.
We're 8/8 Heroic this tier and we're looking for a solid resto druid or holy paladin to fill our last spot in the team.
We raid 3 nights a week, being mon/wed/thurs 7-9.30 pm Australia Eastern Standard time.
Keeping this reply short, if you're interested please add montyj443@hotmail.com to real id, or whisper caleias/calsdruid in game on Khaz'goroth :)

Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established 8/8HM 10man guild in Dreadmaul. Our core group raids from 8.30pm to 12am Server Time on every Wed, Thu and Mon. They need a Resto Druid. If you find the above suit your situation, you can contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com
Hey there Xihphor,

[A] Connection of Dath'Remar are seeking dedicated players to join our core raid team. Our goal is to recruit players that want to join a small and friendly community while maintaining solid progression. We are a mix of players that have come from other guilds and have decided to do our own thing in MoP.

Ideally, we are looking for a Guardian Druid to join our core team.

Our schedule is quite flexible at the moment but we are looking at; Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:30-11:00PM (Server) if that interests you. I can be contacted directly in-game, via our recruitment thread or via BattleTag: Belacv#6196.


Happy Hunting and Good luck :)
Hi Xihphor,

You may wish to consider joining No Excuses. We're on Frostmourne and are establishing a raid team for MoP. Our team is made up of university students and professionals and we place great importance on our mature environment. Most of us, like you, have raided since Vanilla.

We would love to welcome your resto shaman aboard. Our raid times are 7-10pm Oceanic Server Time on Wed and Sun. Feel free to contact me on Frostmourne for further details using my current profile name. Our website is noexcuseshq.com

All the best.
Hello, we are currently looking for a few more heals to join our ranks.
We raid at 7:30pm server Aus time.
if you are interested hit me up! ;O
we can chat on vent or in game its up to you, you can add me via ID also.
catch ya around

We are a horde guild by the way, so if you are interested in the guild please bare that in mind.

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