Kil'jaeden Realm Time?

Hello. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing what im seeing. I am on the Kil'jaeden server and I thought it was in Pacific Standard Zone time. I live in california and it is 7:45 AM but the realm time reads that it is 9:45 am. The realm time is showing Central Standard Time. Is anyone else having this issue? Is this a glitch?
Glitch you say?
09/20/2012 07:56 AMPosted by Catdad
Glitch you say?

No. NO! Don't you dare.
8:54 isnt correct either lol. It has been like this since last night.
09/20/2012 07:56 AMPosted by Catdad
Glitch you say?

Sounds like someone needs to defrag that matrix.
This is being caused by CRZ. As you move through zones and change realms it is changing the time to match that realm's time. I have seen this happen lots, but I dont know if its "working as intended" or not.
Pacific time is supposed to be 4:54pm right now but its saying 6:54.. showing up that way on my gf's also.. so.. wth?
In what zone are you experiencing this time difference? There are several zones in KJ that are cross realm zones causing it to be different....
Is there anyway to fix it so its local time only? CRZ changing the time is annoying as eff
I like CRZ

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