[H-<Cognition>-25M] 6/6 3/6 Recruiting

10/08/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Auloniad
You need healthy, natural sleep. Chew valerian root and get some more exercise.

Chew Velorian?!?!
Hibbity Dibbity
Our 1 lock is getting lonely...anyone want to keep him company?

Need a few good Mages

Need a Boomkin or 2

Resto Shaman Spots
1 - Warlock
1 - Mage
1 - Spriest
1 - Moonkin
1 - Hpally
1 - Resto Shaman
bump 6/16 MV full cleared
Minimum ilvl 470+

1 - Mage

1 - Warlock

1 - Spriest

1 - Resto Shaman
Minimum ilvl 474 +

Do you have the WOW Factor? Impress me...

1 - Mage

1 - Warlock

1 - Spriest

1 - Resto/Enhancement Shaman(OS)

1 - Moonkin

1 - Tank For our 2nd group..who wants to be melee for our 25 mans, both specs must be geared and raid ready. Would prefer you to be built heavier into your Tank suit atm, as we will provide the gear for you to grow heavier into your melee suit for our 25mans.
Min ilvl 474+

1 - Warlock

1 - Druid Kitty Dps (Rare Melee position open) with OS moonkin spec preferred not required.

1 - Warlock

1 - Hunter

1- Warlock

1 - Spriest

1 - Warlock

1 - Moonkin

Srsly....are there any warlocks out there?...correction...are there any Outstanding Warlocks out there?

Still looking for a feral druid, warlock, enhancement shaman and boomkin!
Bump, tells in game are welcome at any time if anyone needs more info :)
Min ilvl 478

1 Feral kitty dps druid (with guardian OS pref)
1 Windwalker
1 Ret Pally
1 Enhancement Shaman

1 Hunter
2 Warlock
1 Mage
1 Moonkin
1 Spriest (With OS Holy pref)
Even though I do not know you all, I will bump your post!!
Raiders..who have been around since the days of 40 mans...the chaos and the effort that went into downing some of those bosses then continuing into BC when WoW moved to 25 mans, there is something that can't be felt or experienced about the game in a 10 man setting.

As we make our full time push into 25 mans we are still in need of many classes for full time spots as we progress through this expansion!

We need Min ilvl 478.

(1 or 2) H-Pallys...with os pref not req'd

(1) Warlocks - is there a lock out there..who understand how to really play a lock?

(1) Hunters - only skilled hunters need apply

(1) Mistweaver Monk

Be exceptional, be awesome, love 25 mans, love to learn everything about your character and make it the absolute best it can be in its main spec and off spec. Love to study fights and every single mechanic that goes with it, and if you enjoy being in a environment where 24 other people are putting in as much effort as you are..this is the guild you should consider. Be early for raids and show up for every raid. We only raid 2 days a week..so you can enjoy your Real Life too!

For christmas we would like

(1) Awesome Enhancement Shaman w/ os heals

(1) Feral kitty dps Druid w/ os tank

(1) Spriest w/ OS disc/holy
Bump 10/16 recruiting :)

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