<Strange> LF melee DPS.

Guild Recruitment
<Strange> of Korgath is a guild composed of entirely dedicated raiders who have cleared hardmode content for tiers past, pre-nerf and post nerf. The guild is currently composed of only personally invited raiders, people who we know for a fact will not mess up.

Any Melee (not a ret)

We only need one tank and one dps.

Tues/Wednes/Thurs 7-10 Pacific
We will probably be doing 10 mans for the first tier until we can make a name for ourselves and get into a better recruitment pool for 25s.

-EPGP LootMaster
-EPGP Reloaded
-Ears. Those are very important.

Other preferential addons
-Recount / Skada
-ElvUI (some use it, some dont... meh)

The guilds current loot system is EPGP (Effort Points / Gear Points). If you are familiar with the loot system- great! If not, I will surely explain what it is with the assistance of my good friend google.

If you're too lazy, it essentially takes your effort (Raid Attendance, Killing Bosses, Wiping on progression, and other such things) and divides it by your gearscore, in order to figure out your loot priority.

***Exceptional applicants that fill an immediate need for the guild can have their transfer paid for by the guild.***

If you are interested, please contact me at johnharp86@gmail.com or Malundus#1674 (battle tag)

Thanks for reading and good luck in your guild search,
Mal- GM of <Strange>
Still in need of one strong dps and a tank.
Still looking.
Is that your Real ID on there? I'd like to contact you via ingame. or you can add me, Poequarion#1199

I will be on around 6:30-7pm EST
Still looking for a solid non paladin/bear tank.
Still looking for a solid ranged dps as well. 8/8 HM experience is not required as long as you have a solid raiding background outside of that or that you can provide logs.
Still looking.
Still looking.
Still looking.
Caster position has been filled...looking for a solid tank and str dps.
Still looking.
Still in need of a tank and a dk/warr dps.
Updated recruitment needs. Looking for a Ret/blood dk/prot warrior.
We dont bite. Bring yo tanks!
Lets see them Blood DKs!
And Ret paladins!
Being normal is overrated, come be <Strange>!
Go ahead, call the cops.
Updated to reflect our new recruitment needs....One melee dps.
Recruiting is closed for our ten man at the current time. We will still accept socials and PvPers however.

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