{A} BusinessTime LF Healer & guild members

BusinessTime is actively seeking a primarily Tank-focused Healer to join our 10 man raid group in Mists of Pandaria.

We are also seeking to fill out the overall guild with friendly, positive players both new and old that wish to enjoy the game.

We are a 10 man Normal focused raiding group, that does some Heroic content but without a focus on it. The raiders we currently have all have years of raiding experience - from BC to Cata; but we're not opposed to a raider with limited experience as long as they have competency, are able to listen, and strong critical thinking skills. A good attitude is more important than topping a chart (within limits).

As for the guild proper; outside of the core raiding team - we run a casual leveling guild that supports constructive feedback and friendly banter, but does not tolerate "trolling" or acts that make playing the game detrimental for other players. We are looking forward to running scenarios, Challenge Modes, and all dungeons with guildmates during Mists.

If you are interested in Raiding - contact Auròra (that's Alt 149), Darthboner, or Persephoanie

If you are interested in the Guild proper - contact Saniya, Caprican, or any guild member online and they will help direct you as well.
If you would like to know a bit more about us, you can also visit http://businesstime13.guildlaunch.com

There you will find out more about our ranks, promotions, perks, and our incentive system.

Hope to see you in-game!

Since we are getting responses to this post I will update. We are 9/10 right now for our 10 man, and it's a solid team of friends that are reliable and have come back to the game for the xpac. Thankfully, we found a tank healer, however we are now looking for melee DPS. Particularly a rogue, warrior, enhance shaman, monk, or DK.

Our raids times are as follows: Tuesday (LFR) that we pre-make together -- Starts at 5PM st
Friday regular raiding -- 7-10PM ST
Monday regular raiding -- 5-8PM ST

We are now a lvl 25 guild and offer our Raiders repairs, access to the guild bank, and other amenities. Please get with me in-game or speak to one of my officers. If none of us are on you can always mail me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
A quick update. We are now full fledged in to healing and are in need of a tank healer again. Real life things have crept up on our tank healer, and unfortunately, he can no longer make to our scheduled raid times. We are looking for a monk, disc priest, or pally healer.

We are a very casual raiding guild and only raid two nights a week. Friday 7-10pm st and Monday 5-8pm st. We also group up to down LFR as guild every Tuesday from 5-8pm st but it is not mandatory.

If these times work for you and you happen to be interested please get in touch with me in game (alt code 149) and we can go from there.


We could also use a ranged or melee if anyone is interested.
Due to new conflicting schedules we are looking for a healer and a few DPS. If interested, please contact us in-game. There is additional information in the posts above.

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