So druids can vanish everyone 30 sec?

I think its a bit stupid that any spec druid can vanish every 30 sec. With the ablility to jump 20 yds put into cat forum and in stealth. Thats not fair for us rogues being the stealthy ones here.
But druids needed a blink+vanish......
Yeah, try killing a healer who can do this along with the ability to typhoon and vortex you. I absolutely gave up trying to kill it even with help. I'd get to melee, it'd blink, get to melee, get blown back, finally shadowstep thinking "Gotta be on CD now!" typhoon, blink...WTF?!? I was so frustrated I ended up just running as my pali. Tempted to switch my druid to a healer now though...

And they had a Blink, Feral Charge. It made a leap instead of blinking, but it was almost identical. A Vanish, I agree.
i'm looking forward to seeing how someone will justify this lol.
Yeah. Completely not needed for them. I can see maybe feral. But all specs do not need it. Not fair what so ever.
i don't see how it's fair for any spec, honestly. every 30 sec? rofl.
Hehe, I haven't played my druid yet. Sounds kinda crazy.


Oh wow!! That is hilariously OP. It works in combat. Its not just activating prowl, its doing it in combat. Haha, good stuff. No way this will last.
Absolute utter joke if you ask me.

Whats worse is ive noticed over the last day or so my vanish is now completely screwed.

EG, in WG just now and in a fight with druid healer and mage. I cloaked and vanished. 0.5 seconds after I vanished hunter drops flare and im instantly brought out of the vanish...forget stealth.

BG before that vs a DK and rogue. I again cloaked and vanished and again stunned.

I thought this was meant to have been fixed. I mean wth is going on here. turning down abilities and dps not enough, got to bork up the rest too.

Oh and ive noticed dismantle now only works around 40% of the time. Same for kidney shot.

And I enjoyed playing my rogue too :( even after the dps nerf. But borked abilities... I cant enjoy it like this.
Flare has always broken vanish, if I remember correctly.
I've had no issues with dismantle or kidney just plain not working.
Yup dismantle and kidney at times dont land (regardless of class). Sure I see the CD but ya. The weird bit is Kidney shows a CD but I keep all combo points.

As for vanish, I think its about high time it was altered a little. After all a 10 yard range is no small feat to clear when all you get is a vanish with no blink or anything right ;)
09/13/2012 02:59 PMPosted by Macstabby
Oh and ive noticed dismantle now only works around 40% of the time. Same for kidney shot.

09/13/2012 03:14 PMPosted by Macstabby
Yup dismantle and kidney at times dont land (regardless of class). Sure I see the CD but ya. The weird bit is Kidney shows a CD but I keep all combo points.

KS and Dismantle can be dodged and parried. It sounds like this is what's happening. You can Gouge then KS/Dismantle for another RNG chance to guarantee your CC. ShS usually secures it too, if you have it. Try to tack CC onto the last .5s of other CC to guarantee it lands as well.

As long as you're above 3% exp, CC should not be dodged or parried by non-str/agi users. In this case, maybe it's on full DR? Maybe they trinketed immediately?

Check your combat log next time. If it's truly just not working, report it as a bug.

As far as the actual topic of the thread goes: WTB 30s Vanish. Additionally, the mobility of all Druids, especially Restos, is absolutely insane right now. They outrun mounts from flag room to flag room in WSG, and it's really easy for them to shrug off CC, keep HoTs rolling, peel anything close to them, and keep on speeding along.

I'm not looking forward to facing Resto Druids next arena season, especially since I almost always run melee cleaves. Ferals should be more manageable next season than the last since their survivability has been taken down a little. Maybe I'll dust off my Druid and do some healing in MoP...
while i hate the mobility it gives i really dont mind the vanish it jsut breaks off my bleeds and posions almost instantly.
*Little Anger symbol on the brow* WTF THE BLIZZARD! I just got on my damn druid and it is really is on the 30 second CD! And I gotta wait HOW long for Vanish?


!@#$! *Storms off to throw something sharp at a gnome*
/rose coloured glasses

Anyone miss the old Vanish?
You know... where you could actually Vanish and avoid things?

Yes, this was when vanish had an immunity for a little bit. Now we take damage but don't get brought out of stealth.

In regards to the ability. It is dumb how they can vanish every 30s, have better heals than rogues, better stealth. etc. I am like really blizzard. OH and we just had a Hotfix but subterfuge is still broken

Really. I am glad titles and mounts are now account wide because now I can sit this guy on the back burner and level my 2nd toon for the first time!
Fix this please.
09/13/2012 09:42 PMPosted by Newkie
ps hey! no need for gnome hate

Ahem *points to Saddle sticker* "This wolf is feed fresh gnome everyday"
They do but keep in mind, it is old vanish, where you use it and you instantly get destealthed due to damage and such.

However I still say the cooldown on vanish as it stand is currently Far too long.

Even old vanish plus blink vs our vanish that takes a sec to break...... 30 seconds or whatever it is vs 3 minutes is INSANE.

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