WoW Losing Its Social Aspect

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People's attitudes in game seem to be much different than when I first starting playing in Early TBC.

Aside from a small handfull of friends I talk to daily ingame, 90% of the rest of people all seem to have tunnel vision - dailies, run randoms, do AH, &c. - Just talking and grouping up to hang out around the world (of warcraft =3) seems to be a "waste of time" kind of mentality.

Not to ramble on, but I think everyone probably sees this now. Things just don't feel the same.

I will say on a slightly unrelated note:
The other day I ran a pug LFG HoT and we all wiped several times because half the group didn't had never done it before. We all wound up running several dungeons together we all had a blast. We actually TALKED a lot, which was crazy o.O
Afterwards I felt a bit a sad to have to go = /

Please Blizz - Make dungeons harder and harder - not INSANELY hard, but we should have to wipe a few times to finish... again not to get off topic - this ties into the whole social aspect.
Wipes = cooperation in order to succeed = victory? = goodtimes ^.^
QQ'ers can go play Pony Adventure Quest

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