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09/13/2012 05:32 PMPosted by Callatham
I'll be social when WoW starts attracting actual people, rather than the mongoloid sociopaths that make up most of it's current playerbase.

But it's fashionable to be a mongoloid sociopath.
Finding a guild of people you mesh with helps immensely. My guildmates are the reason I play as much as I do still, this game is still very social for many people, despite what a few dissenters on the forums would say.
09/13/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Khanon
I'll be social when WoW starts attracting actual people, rather than the mongoloid sociopaths that make up most of it's current playerbase.

But it's fashionable to be a mongoloid sociopath.

Why you is insulting sociopaths?

I can say it because I am a mongoloid.
I have been around since Vanilla (continuous) and I have actually learned to enjoy the serenity of a minimal social aspect.

I have been in several guilds, all but one of which ended in turmoil. I have had about a dozen RL friends come and go over the years. My wife still plays periodically, and we enjoy questing together.

Solo questing or soloing old raids and dungeons have become my staple for the game. Since early Cata PUG heroics were miserable, I walked away from dungeons entirely to wait on nerfs... then just never went back (didn't finish a single dungeon in Cata... maybe I will solo them in MoP).
09/13/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Raziya
Finding a guild of people you mesh with helps immensely. My guildmates are the reason I play as much as I do still, this game is still very social for many people, despite what a few dissenters on the forums would say.

It's just increasingly less so. The guilds seem to be falling apart - I've tried a lot of them on 2 different servers, and now I'm on one of the top PvP servers, and still they're not very active. Many guilds are defunct shells existing only to offer perks.

Anyhow, I still say the world itself discourages grouping. Everything is so easy and if you're not max level (and thus actually out in the world, unlike most everyone else) grouping with other players just isn't necessary, encouraged or just even all that helpful. Is there an XP boost? Loot rules?

I don't even know, the instances have totally taken over the game. The real game is sitting around the capital waiting for instances to pop.
So socialize, Since i moved to this server last week I have met a few people I have come to talking to, the tools Blizzard provide don't stop you from socializing if you truly want to.
yea i remember way back leveling in the barrens. people would group up and do WC and then there were areas where elites existed that were outside of instances. had to form groups for those as well, such as that area in arathi highlands that i forget the name of. now the game is so easy it's ridiculous.
Well, here's the thing.

My primary goal in the game since I started playing, has always been progression. "Beating" the game. (Which, to me, has always been fulfilled by clearing the current end game content. When new stuff comes out? I beat the game again).

Back when I started playing (very beginning of TBC), Socialization was mandatory - for what *I* wanted to do. There was no way at the time you were getting through the attunement quests (Heroic shalls, slabs, arc), without a lot of coordination. Skill helped too.

The game - in my eyes - became much more casual as time progressed - through wotlk and especially cata, but the things I wanted to do always required that level of socialization.

Now let's look at DS. Raid finder, consistant nerf of heroics, and so on and so on .....

I've been unguilded most of DS. My previous guild broke up, a few people went their seperate ways, and I was so busy with work, I didn't feel I had the time to commit to a new one. Most of my friends had left the game for various reasons, I was on a server I didnt speak the language of, so I left for a slightly better pugging environment.

Note that: pugging. I pugged all of DS - 8/8H. Yes, I did it after most of the nerfs, but I still did it.

In my opinion, I shouldn't ever be able to do that. For me, the ultimate goal of playing, is to beat the game. I was essentially able to do that solo. A few nights of spamming "LFG" in trade for an hour seeing if there were any good groups forming, finally joined one, got my savior title, and have had no reason to play since. Sure I had to be in a raid group and work with other people to do that, but how much real interaction was there? Almost none.

If I can do that, while the content is still current (Maybe not cutting edge, but current), I suddenly have no motivation to find a guild. I have no reason to care about other people, except to view them as competition during MoP leveling (Cause you know, we're all fighting for that one quest mob, or those 10 bears, or whatever).

It's sort of a mixed feeling. Because on one hand, my main goal in the game is to beat it. To achieve that, apparently all I need to do is spam LFG for a bit these days. On the other hand, I enjoyed the social aspect of the game, at least while it was required. But as long as it's not required I don't feel the need to bother, so I don't. Mostly what this leads to is a lot of time of me being bored with the game.

I *guess* challenge modes are a step in the right direction. Mostly, I wish when they did this "Phasing out content" nerfs, like the stacking ICC or DS buffs, they left heroic modes alone. Nerf normal modes if your goal is to allow players of all sorts to view the content. Leave the hard modes alone - this benefits the people like me, it benefits the hardcore players who don't want the game to get easier, and it doesn't especially hurt anyone else.

Just my 2 cents.
Except on a dying realm you cannot find more ppl to run any PVE with cause it is still dead. but least we see more in world yippie. want to make thing sociable then fix the actual realm populations not make things more impersonal. Guilds will grow you will see others that would actually want to do things with. Its to complicated for blizz to do because that would mean making people happier.
i blame south park's wow episode for spawning the "i don't care,i'll do what i want" crowd. too many kids that have no respect for themselve's or anything/anyone else. i blame the government for forcing parent's to be paronoid of repremanding their kids and having to have both parent's work just to make things meet. if they are single parent's then most have to work 2 jobs just to support the snot nosed little brats. i blame the drug companies for coming up with bs terms like add and giving kids "legalized" drugs to keep those brats "in-line" instead of just being able to give them a good whooping with a fresh stick from the tree.

in other words i blame everyone but myself according to government and shrinks.

Dang good questions.

Cross-realm zoning, even in its current bugged form, has the potential to reverse WOW's current perceived anti-social dynamics, particularly because it has the ability to bring larger numbers players together who can't rely on their guilds or their servers to provide enough bodies for certain activities.

I notice that Emerald Dream has already had a cross-realm World PVP event.

Be kind of amusing if it's the RP guys who make the PVP aspect of this feature actually work as designed.

I'm reminded of that series "the real wild west" where the opening sequence has the native american saying "I saw in my heart then the changes to come, and whether it was to be for good or bad, one thing was certain. There would be change." Personally I find myself pulled in different directions here, which is what I was hoping to convey with the post. However I've generally learned over time to accept WoW as it comes, because change always brings new opportunities. Recently I've been debating more of the realid approach to things, with privacy protection, although I'm not ready to buy into that fully yet.

The thing is, it's always easy to forget that WoW is a delicate balance of opposing pressures. While we sit here remembering the time when we had long bonding dungeon crawls on realms where people knew each other and reputation mattered... there are also people who post here who just want the quick runs. They don't want to wait on others, they don't want a long crawl, they don't want to teach - they just want to play. Who is to really say who is right?

WoW is a massive world though, no matter what the people upset about teleports and flying mounts say. I think it is large enough to accommodate many different types of socialization. RP realms have their thing, PvP have their's, PvE'rs have puggers, hardcore raiders, and everything in between.

I think "socializing" is missing the point here. We all socialize with other toons quite often. What is missing is permanence to it. LFD is strangers passing in the night, guilds seem to split all too often, people bounce between servers like ping pong balls... we start to lose the sense of continuity for those social connections. That to me seems closer to the heart of the issue here than putting us in more social situations.

Quality and durability > quantity and fads, so to speak.
It's not like Blizzard is forcing people to not speak to one another. Its players who don't feel the need to speak to anyone. We already have guilds which are a fun way to meet new friends... why is there a need for 'group' quests?

Suuure i'm a 'casual' player, but I still enjoy talking to people.
If I feel the need to speak to people I will strike up conversations with random people.
Hell I've even made friends in Battlegrounds.

The people who ruin it are the jerks who don't care at all, or people who would rather troll you than have a civil conversation. Talking to people leads to grouping, whether that be in or out of guild groups.

Its not the game, or Blizz. Its the players.
Honestly, I think the best idea for someone that finds WoW is not very social anymore it to just join a massive guilds.. those ones that are always spamming trade chat about how they are casual and looking to have fun. Pretty much always ended up making WoW more interesting for me if I just jump into a new group of people and try to get them running some dungeons with me. Usually leads to casual raiding and the friendships build from there.

If you are finding that there is no social aspect to WoW it is really your own fault for not trying to get to know more people.

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