Looking for friendly raiding guild.

Hello! Myself and my girl are looking for a friendly, small, tight knit, casual raiding guild that

raids on Friday and Saturday from 9:30 server to whenever (just not too terribly late). I have

an 85 resto/guardian druid, 85 prot/arms warrior, and an 85 disc/shadow priest. She has an

85 warlock, elemental shaman, and boomkin. I have raided since MC in classic and she has

raided since kara in BC, so we both know what it takes and are competent. We just want to

find a guild where we belong to make friends instead of joining a zerg guild where we will

fade into the ocean of members. Please reply to this post or hit me up in game on Goombz.

Thank you!
Hey there Goombz! A Touch of Destiny is very much what you described. My husband and I started it with 2 friends of ours when we all transferred from a different server. We currently have a Sunday night and a Wednesday night team, but are working on a 3rd team which will be on Friday and/or Saturday. (Our Wednesday team isn't full yet because it only has some alts of the first team).

I added you to my friends list, I'll keep an eye out for you in game. You can respond to this again, or add my battle tag r3sotstorm#1797

Hope to hear from you soon! Take care.

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