Mists of Pandaria Guild Progression

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RO is 11/12 ToT 10 now
Duality is 5/12h - Ji-kun very very soon :P
Duality is now 6/12h and on to Durumu heroic !
Eternium is now 10/12 normal, Got Dark Animus and Iron Qon on thursday night
Heroic Durumu 25m down for Duality tonight - Primordius dying VERY SOON !
Heroic Primordius down for Duality 25m
Heroic Iron Quon 25m Down for Duality - Had to skip Animus because of missing key players. Twin Consorts soon-ish !
Dang Duality, y'all are blazing a trail. Keep up the great work!
Eternium is now 1/13H, Jinrokh is taking a nice dirt nap (Lei Shen Died last thursday 29th of march)
The Patriots finally downed Council of Elders Normal on 10-man! Also got Tortos to 53% in one hour of raiding, pretty chill. I know the ToT section is horribly outdated, I'll get to it one of these days, my brother has been visiting from Wayouttatown, Oregon.
Heroic Dark Animus down for Duality 25m
Heroic Consorts down for Duality 25m. On to lei shen progression !
Azeroths Most Deadly is currently working on normal Qon.

You seem to have taken us out of the current tier even though you listed us the previous tier.
<Disturbed> is back to 25M raiding, and as of tonight we are 7/12 (Durumu) regular.. cheers!
Divide killed Heroic Magaera on 4-1-13 and Heroic Council of Elders on 4-10-13.
The Patriots defeated Normal Tortos on 10-man.
Disturbed killed 25m Primordius tonight.
Eternium killed Heroic Horridon tonight 4/16!, now 2/13H!
Dark Animus 25m down for Disturbed.
Recently updated the Tier 15 Post to include only the top 30 guilds, as 40 was just too many to handle. With 30 I should be able to provide more frequent updates as well as have fewer errors there within. Unfortunately this means the still-progressing but not fully cleared guilds will not be listed.

The Tier 14 Post still has the top 40 as no new progress has been made there in quite some time, so I stopped checking it. If I ever need to do an update, I'll most likely drop it down to 30 as well.

With that being said, grats Disturbed on your kill! It's a shame I can't display it.

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