Mists of Pandaria Guild Progression

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<Disturbed> Killed 25m Iron Quon and 25m Twin Consorts tonight..
Eternium Killed Heroic Ji Kun, 3/13H now!
Duality got Heroic Lei Shen down 25m :) Ra-den soon ! - Be ready for the server wide spam :P
Both Might and Exiled Legion have Ji-kun down now.
Divide killed Heroic Durumu (25) last night and Heroic Primordius (25) last week.
Heroic Ra-den down for Duality 25m. Looks like the tier is over ! See ya next time !
Exiled Legion took down Heroic Council of Elders 25m!
Heroic Iron Qon (25) downed by Divide.
Heroic Iron Qon (25) downed by Exiled Legion last night
Heroic Twin Consorts (25) killed by Divide.
Lei Shen 25m down for <Disturbed> :)
Heroic Jin'Rokh 25m down for <Disturbed> :)
<Might> killed....

- Heroic Council of Elders 8 days ago
- Heroic Primordius 1 Day ago
- Heroic Iron Quon about 30 minutes ago
Eternium Killed Heroic Council Tonight, 4/13 H (Jinrokh, Horridon, Council, Ji Kun)
Exiled Legion killed Heroic Promordius last on thursday night
Grats all on your kills! I have also updated the post.
Happy Patch Day!
Might killed heroic Twin Consorts.
Exiled Legion killed Heroic Twin Consorts
Eternium Killed Heroic Iron Qon, 5/13H now

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