Mists of Pandaria Guild Progression

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Drunk in Public is 4/6 in 25 man
Crux 5/6N 10 man :)
Kharma 2/6N 10 man
Success! The Patriots defeated Normal Elegon on 10-man, expect a full clear next week! :)
Duality Killed Spirit Kings heroic 25m tonight :)
Will of the Emperor down for Narcotics
Heroic Elegon down for Duality 25m
Crux 6/6 Normal 10 Man.
Shroud downed Elegon on normal 25 man on Sunday
10/23/2012 12:42 AMPosted by Etineres
Shroud downed Elegon on normal 25 man on Sunday

I am not including both your 25-man progress and 10-man progress separately, currently your peak of progression is with 10 members so that is the group that will be displayed. If you're 25-man catches up to or surpasses your 10-man group I'll move you over to the 25-man section.
6/6h MSV - Heart of Fear and Terrace Next !

Heroic Will 25m down for Duality ! :)
Kharma 4/6N 10 man
The Patriots have defeated Will of the Emperor on 10-man Normal difficulty!
Lok Kosh is 2/6 Heart of Fear
1/6 in HOF down for Narcotics
Elegon 25m down for Disturbed :)
6/6 NM and H Stoneguard down for NKBK (as of sunday) good luck to everyone starting heart of fear!
Could you add <TITANIUM> to the list please?

2/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
3/6 Heart of Fear
Duality getting that world first normal modes lol :)

6/6n Heart of Fear :)

heroics next week.
Drunk in Public downed Elegon in 25man :)

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