Mists of Pandaria Guild Progression

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RUI downed Amber Shaper Un'Sok tonight. Thanks again for updating our progression!
RUI downed Grand Empress Shek'zeer tonight. We are now 6/6 MSV and 6/6 HoF. Thanks as always for updating our progression!
The Patriots finally defeated Garalon! I'm sure the others will swiftly crumble before us...
<Kharma> defeated Imperial Vizer Zorlok, making us 1/6 Hof and 6/6 MSV!!!
Drunk in Public is 3/6 HoF 25m
Sha of fear down for Narcotics we're 16/16 normal 10 now.
HM25 Wind Lord Mel'jarak down for Divide.
Protectors of the Endless down!
Crux now 6/6N MV 6/6N HOF 1/4 TES.
Disturbed downed Heroic Stone Puppies tonight!

That makes us 1/6H MSV and 4/6 HoF
Tsulong down!
Lei Shi down!
Crux now 6/6N MV 6/6N HOF 3/4 TES.

Hopefully Sha down on Thursday!
Eternium Killed Grand Empress now 6/6 MSV 6/6 HOF, terrace kills to come tomorrow!
HM25 Spirit Kings down for Divide.
Heroic Lei Shei 25m down for Duality last night - only Heroic Sha of Fear left - wish us luck on this long fight lol :P

Mass Hysteria (Horde-10man) is 1/6H MSV, 2/6 HoF.
Currently, ranked 22 on wowprogress.
Disturbed downed Normal 25 man Amber-Shaper.
RUI downed 3/4 in Terrace (normal) tonight - Protectors, Tsulong, and Lei Shi. Thank you for updating our progression!
RUI downed Sha of Fear, and Heroic Stone Guard last night. This makes us 16/16 Normal, and 1/6H MSV. Thanks as always for updating the progression!
Heroic Stone Guard and Feng 10 down for Narcotics
25 Heroic Will of the Emperor down for Divide.
Grats Divide! The Patriots have recently defeated Heroic Feng the Accursed on 10-man.

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