[H] Looking for Late Night Raiding Guild

I have been playing WoW since post-BC/pre-Wrath, and have a very wide knowledge of the game. I was just recently transferred to a new shift at work so I am looking to transfer any of my characters here to Hyjal to raid. I am looking for a guild that raids 11pm or later Server Time. I have 8 level 85s, 3 of which have cleared Reg DS. I never had much time for raiding to begin with so I only have a few toons completely through. I know how to play my toons very well, and am very interested in progression and pushing the current and future content. I have not attempted Heroic DS yet, as my current guild is mainly casual and does not consistently have the people we need online to complete the heroic mode. I have Ventrilo and Skype, and am willing to download Teamspeak or whatever is needed. My attendance will be great, my wife will be asleep by the time I get home to play :P I can play any weekday for the most part, Friday and Saturday nights will be iffy for me. I would really appreciate some contact, I am very excited about having the opportunity to raid for real and to finally join a guild that will be able to not just clear normals but continue through it and on to hard modes. Thank you for your time!

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