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Hola Avetra!

H Y D R A is an 8/8H horde guild (Lvl 25) on Dath'Remar, were looking for a spriest to join our Red team for MoP, this is a core spot, raid times are 8-11pm st Fri/Sat.

If your interested in us please see my guild recuit on the forum, visit our guild site at //hydradr.guildlaunch.com or contact myself or one of the officers ingame.

We would love to talk to you :)
Centurion Knights on Frostmourne Alliance is recruiting DPS for MOP 25m Heroic Progression raiding. Our guild is led and run by mature members and officers, and the guild was formed in 2007. We pride ourselves on reliability and stability, letting our players enjoy the game in a fun laid back environment. I see you have raided on a diverse range of classes and specs, and someone who understands more then their own class is always an asset. We are always open to our members switching classes and specs before a new tier, and currently we have core raid spots open for Shadow Priests. We raid Wed/Thur/Sun 8:30 - 11:30 10GMT AEST.

Our raids are run following our Golden Rule of “making sure a raider’s time is never wasted”, which ensures a professional culture exists while raiding. Please add my BattleTag Argantis#1524 if you wish to speak further, apply at our website - http://centurionknights.guildomatic.com/ or reply here if you need any further information.


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