"Unable to establish connection to server"

Mobile Bug Report
I know Moon Guard's pretty much the only server to experience remote chat issues (another server having a serious problem with the auction house), and for the most part these issues have been fixed with the maintenance on Tuesday with a few hiccups here and there. All night though, I've been unable to log onto chat for any of my characters on Moon Guard. I've been able to log into chat on kil'jaeden and Illidan with no problem whatsoever. I realize that Moon Guard still has problems, I'm just reporting that it's happening again.

OS: Android 2.2.0, Kindle Fire's Android 2.3.0
Guild: <Perfectly Imperfect>
Connectivity: Wifi (Kindle Fire), MetroPCS 3G (Android)

Both apps are up to do date. I am not using a mobile authenticator either.

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