Aerie Peak
Greetings, Satan.
This looks legit.
I can see the value of BALLER as a metric, but can it be numerically measured? If so, please edit the top post to include the scale, so potential applicants will know to stay away or not.
I am glad you asked that Chaingirl. Believe it or not, BALLER can be measured numerically. I will use the US system of measurement (Swags) due to the fact that this is a US server. Now on average people have a level of about 250 swags. For the purposes of this guild, we are looking for a swag level of around 400 or higher in order to join. I hope this answers your question.
I could be high on crack here... but the name Nathnarok looks familiar. Were you a destro lock that did world pvp in Ironforge back in TBC? I might've fought you back when Mutilate was gimp and I was trying to be a special snowflake with it.

Hi Basmus! I miss futilely chasing you around Azshara. Good luck with the guild~ :D
Yup that was me, and I remember you too actually. Good times back then. Destro was pretty gimp back then too :P

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