Cynical (Horde) Recruiting for MOP.

Cynical is looking for mature,teachable players who have the desire to learn and conquer all available content including Heroics. Even if you don't think you know enough about raiding in this game we have knowledgeable players willing to take the time necessary to bring ALL players up to speed and have fun while doing it. We use a Loot council to distribute loot ensure that all our raiders gear up at relatively the same rate to keep progression moving forward. The time we spent on Area 52 and Muradin has shown us that with the right mindset we can still accomplish as much content in 3 raid nights as the 6 raid night guilds do. So even if you want to just try us out and see if we fit your vision of what a real guild should be, you can contact any cynical member in game or check us out at cynicalfamily and put in an application.

Just to clarify what makes you a good candidate for Cynicall you must: A) Be respectful and unselfish without being a goody too-shoes or butt kisser B)Trade trolls will be shot,cut into pieces and certain body parts will be mailed to a nearest relative .(So don't be a trade troll...) C) Be willing to listen during raids and save your comments /ideas for an officer or guild forum post after the raid is finished for the evening. D) Within reason you must be willing to put any and all guildies first, meaning if you are in org just talking to a friend or another guildie and your brother/or sister needs you for something relatively short and easy to do then you should take a few minutes to take an opportunity to learn some good teamwork, E) And last but not least if You think you are the only reason that this guild can succeed in WOW and like to belittle less skilled players in guild chat,trade chat, or vent, Myself or another officer will not Hesitate to correct you in guild chat before being removed from guild and being embarassed/blackballed in trade chat and Zul'jin forums.

P.S.- Don't be a !@#$TARD and troll this forum post it just shows people how pathetic and insecure you are.. Thank You:)

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