<Atlanta> Raiding guild is recruiting a Tank

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Atlanta> 6/8 hm (L25) on Dath server

Raid times 8 to 10 30 -11 Server time.

Raid nights Fri Sunday Team Emerald
Monday Team Saphire

Thursday night is a current tier lower level join run. (EG) FL atm

We are currently recruiting for a tank for MOP. My current tank is switching to heals so need a replacement or similar quality. Need full raid night committement to Fri and Sun and total team player.

Currently I have a Druid tank so would be encouraged with a Pally or even monk tank. (Current pally is switching to heals)

We are a social progression guild with a freiendly relaxed atmosphere but a very efficeient and focused team based on progression with fun. We have no swearing and a tollerant team atmosphere. We run a loot council system and rules can be read on our forums below.

Token and gear spread is well structured with full raid buffs. Team progressed well through DS content despite forming late. So as many where HM geared we were staring n DS at 370 ilevels.

I would like an expereinced tank DS content is ok but would prefere a wider back ground including wraith content due to its increased reliance on mechanics. In saying that a toon aware playerr who is full committed i would also be intersted to hear from. A necessitity to be able to dual spec to dps or heals is also required.

I need full team committement from our prospective tank. We are able to take applications via the web site or feel free to ingame me to talk.

I am looking for some more casual raiders and our multiple night runs for alts and casuals should suit most people needing some flexiability. Heals tanks especially in socials would be nice.

Come checkus out at http://atlanta.wowstead.com/

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