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Lucid is a new 10 man raiding guild founded a month ago on the Proudmoore server. We will be taking on the MoP raiding scene from the get go. The officers of Lucid have a hardcore raiding past and have been in multiple top world ranked guilds in multiple games, and we're looking for more skilled raiders/pvp'ers to join us in the fun of making content our !@#$%.

  • World 25 guild (The Forgotten) in Karazhan/Grulls
  • World 250 guild (The Forgotten) MH/BT
  • Up to Mu'ru before the nerf, but achieved the kill afterwards.
  • World 5 in Rift (Fallen) during the first tier of content
  • Top World in SWTOR (Nerf Dialogue) during the first two tiers of content.
  • We are hardcore gamers with a time restraint, (working nights/deployed etc) and looking to raid only 12 hours a week. Thursday-Saturday 3AM-6:30AM server (5AM-8:30AM CST)


    Specific Classes in reply post, keep in mind all positions are competitive, we take the best with us no matter what.

    1xExperienced PVP Officer that wishes to help us head off our PVP endeavors.

    Our site: www.Lucid-guild.com

    Here is a little what we expect in applicants:

    Here in Lucid we are looking for a high quality gamer with a high quality personality, and without one of the two their will be no luck for you here. We expect all our members/officers to hold themselves to a high standard, this includes but is not limited to: remaining active within the guild, being prepared and on time to raids with the right mindset and motivation to put all others striving for the best behind us.

    For all members there will be no toleration concerning trolling any chat in game or out of game whether it be in general game chat or the WoW official forums or any other forum for that matter with our guild name above yours. (we do not want Lucid to be slandered or to have any sort of bad rep with our community) We expect each member to conduct themselves as an adult and nothing less, but please, we are here to have fun as well as conquer both raiding content and our PVP community.

    Members will be respectful and courteous to those within the guild as well as those outside the guild at all times. Elitism is not tolerated, Professionalism is, If you don't know the difference, don't waste our time.

    The guild forums are a place for players to discuss whatever fits their fancy in the correct places. Conduct on the forums will remain Rated R and below, with proper respect to each poster.

    Be able to take criticism, everyone will be called out at some point in time, it's how you do it and take it that determines if it's helpful or not.

    Mumble is also mandatory during raids and PVP, reasoning for this is that strategies and coordination will be discussed over Mumble and we will not be typing out all directions via chat. Members also must have a working microphone.

    This is an active Raiding guild and will remain so, If you believe that you can not remain active please, do not waste our time. (this is defined by disappearing for a week or more at a time for no apparent reason)

    With that said, we are a military friendly guild, we understand that Soldier's, Marines, Sailor's and Airmen have deployments as well as training in the field. All we ask for is a heads up so we know where you went. When you return you will return to your before position and carry on normally.

    We also understand that everyone has a real life and are willing to work with all of the members in this area. We understand life has a way of throwing unexpected surprises at you.

    If and when you are accepted into the guild as an Initiate, there will be a 2 week trial period that we will evaluate your performance, attendance etc... At the end of these 2 weeks we as a guild will decide if you can be considered an asset as well as a friend to Lucid. After-which you will either join Lucid as a member or we will let you go. If let go there will be a 1 month minimum before you may apply for the guild again, but you may apply again and be looked at as a brand new app.

    If you have questions you can hit up Lessta, Armytwo, or Mooseman in game.

    Thanks for reading and looking forward to spending time with you all in game.
    We're currenly looking for:

    1 Holy Paladin
    1 DK TANK
    1 Resto Shaman
    1 Rogue
    1 Mage

    We are still looking for raiders to fill out our core raiding team. If you don't see your class above, still drop an application, we're always looking for skilled players. (all positions remain competitve)


    Updated class needs.
    Welcome to Trimir, Ohyyeahs and Psycobear, good to have you with us.
    bump for great Justice :)
    I am very interested in joing just joined this server from transfer a couple days ago looking for a new team to work with. Please check my profile and i hope i fit what you need thanks. I will be in game tonight
    app sent
    Lucid would like to welcome Aniekan to our team, he'll go through a two week initiate stage where he will be paired up with one of our Officers (Lessta) for mentorship/integration.

    Good to have you,

    Recruitment Priority is currently Resto Shaman with dps offspec and DK tank.


    Lucid will be jumping into our first raid of the expansion Thursday, if your looking for a raiding guild and are either a healer, rogue/monk and want to get some raid time under your belt and try out how we do things, drop Lessta, Moosemaan, Psycobear or Armytwo a line and we'll try to get you in.

    Recruitment is still ongoing, but that doesn't mean we're not raiding.


    Current recruiting focus:
    • Rogue x1
    • Mage x1
    • Resto Shaman x1

    As always we're open to quality apps of any class and spec regardless of our recruiting focus :)

    Happy farming,
    Lessta the Undying
    How about those Steelers?

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