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For those of you with G600 mice and a Mac, you've probably noticed Logitech's gaming drivers don't support OS X, which makes assigning buttons a pain. However I found a really easy way to do this, so easy in fact that you can use it right out of the box. In one of the default "profiles" on the mouse, there is one that assigns num pad numbers/symbols to the 12 thumb keys. I don't think many people use the num pad on their keyboard (if they even have one), so this effectively makes them exclusively for your mouse, and able to be bound via the normal key binding screen in WoW - just pick something to bind, and press the key on your mouse that you want it to be bound to.

G-Shift keys default to ctrl+numpad.

If you want to take it a step farther, you can install Bartender, pick an unused bar, enable it, load it up with anything you want, then *disable* it, and it will still disappear yet remain active in Bartender's entries in the key binding screen. This is useful for making use of the G-shift keys. Keeping it disabled in Bartender means it won't be cluttering the screen, as I have no intention of ever clicking it - it's just for the buttons.

Just wanted other people to know how easy it is to use this mouse on a Mac in WoW!
I tried it, and I can indeed use the 12 buttons as they are, and even the g-shift button works. The problem is that it doesn't accept key modifications from the "CMD", "OPT" and "SHFT" modifier keys.

Have you tried using these modifiers? And were you able to get them to work?
I got this mouse a few days ago and I love it...however Im on a Mac.

I just want WoW to recognize the G Shift key so I can get more keybinds from my Razer Nostromo.

I should have gotten the Naga :( but regardless of the huge"not compatible with Macs) issue, I love this mouse and the lights look pretty.
I am in the same boat. Configured the mouse on my PC, but when I use it on the Mac It does not recognize any modifiers from the keyboard. So I lose my Shift and Alt + Keybinds.

Has anyone gotten this mouse to work properly?
I just found this.

I suggest for you to try the following steps to help Logitech Gaming Software recognize the G600 mouse on your Mac PC:

Uninstall the current version of LGS installed in your computer. Restart your PC after doing so.
Re-install Logitech Gaming Software v. 8.45. Check if the mouse is recognized.
In Logitech Gaming Software, click on the question mark icon on the lower right-hand corner and select "Check for Updates".
Follow the instructions to proceed on updating the software version 8.50.
Reboot the computer after successfully installing the updates. Do not unplug the mouse.
Open the Logitech Gaming Software again. Check if your G600 mouse is now detected.
Please try it and see how it goes. I hope this suggestion helps.
Would the Wine app help this issue? I have a G600 and a Mac but I don't use my Mac to play games but I do use the Wine app to get almost all of my EXE files to load, just fine.

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