WTB WOTLK Strength + PVP Power Gems

Paying 60g for cut rares (Stormy (PVP Power), Bold (Strength)), 80g for cut epics.
I think I have some epic gems lying around. I'll CoD cuts to you when I have a chance to log on my JC.
Cool, I appreciate it. 2 Mystic King's Amber would also be good if you have it. Like 5 PVP Power and 6 Strength would be ideal.
Yeah I think I have some of those as well. I should have most of the sought after Wrath cuts, not 100% on Stormy though.
I sent you what I have. I might have a friend with a bunch of WoTLK gems so I can get you the rest. I don't have the Stormy cut :(

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