Crashing hurts; Free MoP makes it feel better

Do I really need to go into detail? Please join me in overreacting to the recent crashing by signing a petition to get free MoP and/or Game time to help us heal from our withdrawal.

Hurry Blizz... we... we see the light!... .o,..o.

/Sign Here:
I'm going to have to whoooooop yalls <Parental advisory> and then I'm going to <Explicit lyrics> and the if I see deathwing when you fix my game I'm to <Violence>

No, seriously Blizzard, keep your stuff together.
Seriously, blizzard fails so much. Some kids in their mom's basement doing this while multi-million dollar company can't fix it within 3 hours.
I'm going to overreact and say gimme game time and RP oh wait this isn't league of legends
Seriously what happened? did blizzard smell me waking up?
Oh man! This was my idea in trade chat. FREE MoP FOR ALL! FREE GAME TIME

I sign this petition happily :D
This is an original server. so it's what 8 years old now. I hate being dumb. WTF Happened?
blizzard I'm rage quitting. <explicit lyrics> you either give tipsy her meow mix or I am gonna camp her later.
sooo, does anyone know whats going on?
two servers are actually crashing right now. one is on the oceanic realm and ours.
the employee that got fired for being a smart douch in the first place is who is crashing it. saw it on CNN
also listen up....this may be dumb but change your email right now. and just for fun change your password to. be constructive in our time.
free mop! free mop!!!
blame Requiem

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