Healing Shrooms... Why Blizzard? Why?

Not to beat a dead horse, but yes I am going to post about the Wild Mushrooms: Bloom mechanic and the healing, or lack thereof that it entails.

Blizzard, for the most part you say you listen to your fan base, yet EVERY single Druid I talk to has clearly stated, Wild Mushrooms: Bloom just sucks. Most of us completely ignore them unless we are aware of a stack point before a pull and place them then, other than that, they are not helpful at all.

I've played with them live and on the beta, and no where are they remotely useful. The healing is so mediocre it renders them useless when in comparison to our other spells. I'm seriously trying to figure out why we even have them. Honestly, I was hopeful when they were announced. A lot of our seasoned Druids who help encourage and educate our community where very doubtful about them. But I tried to stay on the positive side of things. And at first, the spell wasn't that bad in the beta. A little clunky to use, but you fixed that mostly by allowing us to place the mushrooms without having to constantly click or activate the placement spell.

But then you nerfed them into the ground. Mostly because as you stated, you didn't want it to feel like a mandatory spell for us to use. So you went from one extreme to another, now they are rather pointless to use at all. And since then, I keep hearing promises and rumors that Blizzard is going to give the shrooms a lil love and give them some additional healing, and yet that never came. They stayed weak. And now, instead of a shiny new healing spell I get to work with, I feel like, for a second expansion, I am left with the same toolset I had before while all the other healing classes have been given some awesome new heal or healing mechanic (see Spirit Shell for awesome new mechanic).

Anyways, I am not trying to harp on you guys or anything, but I am trying to bring to attention how bad this spell truly is and am begging the community to stand up with me and make Blizzard hear our voices on how much we need a change or fix to Wild Mushroom: Bloom!
Blizzard does not read specific class forums.

You're essentailly talking to yourself. You want to cry like a baby, post this in Beta feedback forum.

Ps, I happen to agree with you. Mushrooms are a god damn waste of space on my bar and a complete waste of GCD's. But you're posting in the wrong forum. Blizzard does not read these. You need to post in feedback forum.
If you're playing in Blade's edge arena or Dalaran sewers, or basically anywhere in PVP where there is a z axis, you can put the mushrooms up on a top ledge, then when you're on a bottom ledge and taking damage you can target them and wild charge to them, activate them for some quick healing, along with a good escape.

This is awesome for pvp.

As for PVE, I agree that the healing is mediocre, but I think I remember a post by Blizz saying they didn't intend for resto druids to use them on cooldown like balance druids are kinda meant to with their mushrooms. They are just an extra tool at your disposal, but not one that's meant to be part of any meaningful rotation. If they provided any more amount of healing than they did (a meaningful bit more, that is) then you would HAVE to use them on cooldown. Blizz doesn't want that, apparently.
Found the post.

GC said, "Wild Mushroom: Bloom (and Detonate) are instant and off the GCD. If you place them ahead of time, detonating them does not take any time away from casting anything else. They’re not intended to be used for sustained healing or damage, only for burst healing or damage."

In PVE, just drop the mushrooms before a fight or during a period where there's no healing to do, then bam, you have a ready shot of AoE healing the moment you need it, that's not even on the GCD.

Despite what some people are trying to say about WoW nowadays, some of these abilities do require a little thought.
Those shrooms are actually really awesome. They are not really for normal rotation healing. They are situation specific yet amazing. They are easy to set up when no one has healing they need [or even before the fight!] and great for when you know there will be a lot of burst inc when you know where your raid will be located during this burst.

Honestly they are just darn powerful for this. They require thought and are not for normal rotation though.

They are for when you know the boss encounters and can plan ahead. I can already think of many situations in previous raids in cataclysm they would have been amazing. Fights where we know the raid will be grouped up [which is common in raids] at specific locations and needs a lot of healing fast. Yeah if you think that your AOE healing rotation is going to be casting 3 of those, burst them, cast 3 more, burst them, and cast 3 more, burst them then yeah you are not going to succeed. They are for when you know the fight, and you can plan out the fight. They are preemptive healing that you set up ahead of time.

Could be good for when you are in small known groups too. Def are fights where people are grouped into smaller groups at specific locations. Give one or two shrooms per group [divide them out how it seems fit] and when the time comes burst them.

SO yes, using these will actually require knowledge of fight mechanics more than most healing abilities in this game, but if you use them well, they will be an incredible tool, but not the most useful for every fight
Zzz people need 2 spend less time complaining and more time on learning how 2 heal..
You're not looking for specific and effective ways to use them, is why you're complaining. You place them down in the lull before damage comes out.

In LFR/Normal/Heroic Morchock, place down between stomps/crystal explosions and detonate them after either, or both. The skill in this is knowing where to place them based on where people will be tossed.

Yor'sahj, if your guild deals with green and/or red debuffs, and you don't have a purple debuff, put these down before the oozes hit the boss in proper places, and pop them if people need slight additional healing.

Zon'ozz, when the orb hits a group.

Hagara, if you stack your ranged in the center for ice phase, keep them there before the fight starts, or between Focused Assaults.

Ultraxion, toss them down midway through the fight before the damage really starts to come out, and use them then. Chances are, you'll only get 1 use.

Blackhorn, Twilight Onslaught, Consuming Shroud!

Spine, stacking.

Madness, all times that players are stacked.

The mushrooms do not do a lot of healing, this is true - but it hits everyone for a decent amount of heals, while being off the global. Mushrooms, combined with Swiftmend's AoE effect is a massive amount of heals, regardless of what heal meters may say.
lets face it - this is a problem that holy priest faced with, and still does

despite what the community feedback on - there's always some ideas that they keep insisting the community to adapt on

try ask generic holy priest what they think about light well

in comparison - at least we are in control of our shrooms, and it gives us an extra 'burst' option other than swiftmend

if anything, they need to make it less painful to set up - clicking 3x to put is not a problem, but it is annoying
Just do what everyone else does; leave it off of your toolbar and forget it exists.
I've used it a couple times so far.

On Ultraxion, and on the far right platform of Deathwing.

It wasn't some insane healing output, but it worked. And it was kind of fun to watch the SCT.

However, I am not sure why you have to complain about them. It's not like they harm our healing in anyway. That being said, our healing isn't weak and we need any sort of buffs. But, people aren't happy unless they're complaining.

I don't expect the shrooms to be a part of our normal rotation, but more situational. But, I don't find pre-placing them before a fight as really a useful tool. It's a one time use kind of thing at that point, which feels kinda gross as a healing tool.

Here's the other problem, the healing is crap. I used them on Ragnaros the other day for the stacking points after the seed explosion. I placed the shrooms as we were running, then when the seeds exploded, I unleashed my Bloom. I did this three times throughout the fight. In a 10 man raid, I did only 2,000 more healing than I did with only 2 Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch heals. It was 3% of my overall healing. Which means it wasn't that great in the first place.

I don't expect my shrooms to heal people to full or anything, but when people are about to take a big spike dmg, I'd like my shrooms to at least be relevant. We were given shrooms as a way to help us out with burst healing, after it became blatantly obvious in Dragon Soul, that unless we had the whole raid blanketed with Rejuvs, we weren't going to keep up with the other classes during burst mechanics.

I'm sitting at a 404 ilvl (405 if I equip my 410 INT mace off H Morchock). My mushrooms are healing 3k as a low, and 11k as a crit high, with the norm being 5k. So if I have all 3, the best I am looking at is healing 9k as a low to 33k as a high with 15k as a norm for people with 140k or more hp. Being able to heal someone for 6% of their hp as a low to 10% on a normal basis as a ONE time heal that takes 3 GCDs to replace if I actually NEED to, is just gross. Even if I get lucky and get the triple crit, while its 23.5% of their health, it's a rarity when it happens and the 3 GCDs to place that isn't worth it, when I could Rejuv, Swiftmend them for more healing, not forgetting Efflorescence...

As for posting this on the beta forums, the spell is live now. Talking about it on the beta forums isn't going to garner enough attention to it. I'd be better in the general forums at that rate. If Blizzard doesn't check class forums, then I have wasted my time here, and hopefully a blue poster will move it to the proper forum for me then.

My proposed changed to Mushrooms is simple, add a mini-Efllorescence that activates after the bloom. Much like the slow effect that normal Mushrooms leave, just give us a small Efflorescence that does 25% to 50% of a normal Efflorescence. Then, after the small burst heal, people who stay there will get a bit more love, it makes the one time use a lil more easy to swallow, and gives players a visual of somewhere they can stand in case they missed the initial burst heal.
Just do what every idiot does; leave it off of your toolbar and forget it exists.

Fixed for ya.
Remember it had several scaling problems 10x25m. I've only raided once since the patch but it was quite useful - although the placement is still rather annoying. Wait for lvl 90, get used to it and maybe your opinion will change a bit.
I have visions of being like Sigourney Weaver in GalaxyQuest, just before Anraphet in Halls...

No! Dang it! I can only think of one darn place to use this darn spell, so you all are going to wake up and stack on the darn tank so I can play with my mushrooms this one darn time and be happy!


I personally love them. I play them at the start of a fight on points where I know my raids going to be stacking for AoE damage and pop them when needed. I replace them when possible (most times when no healings going out)
If you have no use for them in your healing bag of tricks, which I'm not sure why you wouldn't...

Just think about the on tap mobility they offer when coupled with Wild Charge. You could have shrooms spread out all over the encounter area and use them to easily reposition.

Fire at your feet? Hit your WC macro that you cleverly setup to charge your mushroom.
Raid leader about to explode because the Disc Priest didnt' move out of the fire? WC Shroom!

Endless options!
By themselves the shrooms may not be that great but when you combine them with your other aoe heals it's a ton of healing. A rejuv> swiftmend, wild growth and shroom bloom combo is a massive amount of aoe healing for only 10k mana total.
Just a quick note to dispel the comments that these are easy to set up in pvp. NO PATH AVAILABLE. I get this message far too often. Example: WSG- flag carrier on roof. I want to put a shroom at the top of ramp to the roof and one on the mid level in case we have to drop. Looking directly down at the middle platform from ledge less than 5 yards away, this is not possible. Any time you want to place a shroom above or below you, you cannot. This is also true where the landscapes are linear/connected, like in EOTS (around BE tower is where I remember having issues). If they're not gonig to give us the ability to place these things strategically, then I'd rather have them all go down simultaneously wherever im standing, like totems.

Anyone else experiencing placement problems when you have clear line of sight and are able to target the ground?

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