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Im pretty sure we in the lore loving community all know that one weakness blizzard has (as far as story telling) is having too many characters and too little time to give them a role so they tend to shelve them for extended periods. I happen to be on wowpedia and looked at the notable worgen characters and suddenly realized apart from Gen the rest have been missing since lvl 15 content. Thinking further from that point even more notable gilnean characters are MIA as well. So i got a little activity for the creatives of us, if blizz was able to fit some of these gems into current events what would they be doing, what causes would they be championing?
5.1 will bring the armies of Alliance and Horde to Pandaria. Sylvanas was RSVP'd to the party by blues.

Worgen should be there to greet her with big toothy grins.
Tess Greymane
Tiffan Greymane
Crowley (I assume is in Gilneas)
Ivar Bloodfang (I assume is in Gilneas)
Alpha Prime (mia)
Events do not progress linearly by zone level ranges. In fact, the level 15 content at Gilneas is more current than the level 58-70 content in Outland and the level 68-80 content in Northrend.

The events in the Silverpine quests are simply the latest events in the guerilla war being waged by Crowley. There is a followup pertaining to Lord Godfrey in Shadowfang keep, but aside from that, Silverpine Forest encompasses all of the events pertaining to those worgen characters during the Cataclysm.

However, if there are no significant lore developments for those characters or for Worgen in general in Mists of Pandaria, then it's time to get worried.
Even still, the Gilneas Zone takes place during and just after the Shattering in 4.0. The silverpine area takes place sometime after Wolfheart, since the Alliance is in Gilneas in force.

Even still, those events are roughly a year or so ago, compared to the much more recent events of the Molten Front and the Battle of Wyrmrest Temple

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