Mouse Movement Issues since Patch 5.0.4 & .5

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I had the same problem today but I discovered the problem. My Dominoes add-on has a roll frame that covers the middle of the screen. I had somehow bugged it so that anything under the box was non-interactable. I could disable it in Dominoes, and that cleared up the problem, as did relogging. Hope this helps some people.
Exact same issue here.

Read through all of the threads I could find, up to ~2 to 3 months back, and still can't find a solution to this problem.
i still got this problem for 3 weeks or more , very annoying
Same problem, I randomly can't click my screen to drag it or move... seems to be worse in BGs, not sure what is causing this, HELP
Same issue with me. Any GM that can help us out?
I am having the same issue. Mouse freezes or moves to the top left hand corner of the
screen. A complete system rebuild has not resolved the issue.
This is not a problem with the hardware since it only occurs in Wow and only since the last few patch updates.
This needs to be addressed since it makes the game very hard to play especially as a tank.
Can we at least have a blue acknowledge this issue?
I've seen a few reports on the forum here of problems with logitech gaming mice. I haven't seen any fixes.
okay here is what I've discovered.

I thought it was just me having such issues but finally I've got a solution.

trivial but always useful to do i will explain why also : Remove unused mouse software and only run the one that your mouse requires...

e.g. i recently bought a Razer mouse...had Logitech set point installed which screwed a lot of stuff up upon launching of games.

2nd (the REAL reason that my stuff wasn't working)

Parts of the GUI seem to be invisible until they are activated...when i run with no addons i don't have this issue...i activate any addons that take up a lot of real-estate on my screen and i end up with the "no click" issue...

here is the solution to try... don't just disable all addons because we all need/want/use them daily so you will play normally until you get this no click phenomenon....take a mental note of where the initial mouse click happened then go into your addons (DBM, MikBattleText and MOP GUI Replacement are my main issues) and i'm putting money on where you clicked there is a GUI element that is invisible until "ANNIHILATION! MOVE AWAY!" (y'know what i mean)

hope it helps someone out...

if you need stuff clarified just ask.
I am having this problem as well
[quote="65714875670"]I have been trying everything I can think of to alleviate mouse movement issues that have insued since patching from 4.3 to 5.0.4/.5. Can someone please assist. I am at a complete loss as to what I can do to alleviate the problem.

How to Fix the Glitchy mouse problem. How i fixed it

How to fix Glitchy mouse problem in world of Warcraft FIXED
hi i just figured out how to fix this solution for myself as i have a razer Lachesis. Ok here is the steps

4-Turn on Click to move
5-Mess with it a little click around and walk around with wasd
6-turn of Click to move and before exiting interface click detect world of Warcraft gaming mouse
7- if you do not have a world of Warcraft gaming mouse just click ok and it should be fixed
although partially buggy and still seems to Come back even though i relog
This may not help most people, but this did fix my problem which I feel was my own stupidity.

I play on a laptop and had recently re installed windows. If you play on a laptop, the problem comes from wrist contact with your trackpad. I didnt install the drivers for my trackpad, which lead to improper "touch to click" actions and intermittent glitchy movements.

Installed correct touchpad drivers, set hide cursor while typing, disabled touch to click. fixed.

Necro-fix FTW! =)

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