[A] <Retrìbutìon> 10m Weekend nights

Retrìbutìon is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria!

About us:
Retribution was formed during early WotlK by long-time raiders looking for a new raiding atmosphere. We found success as a 10-man strict raiding guild clearing multiple hard modes from Ulduar through Icecrown Citadel, while still providing a fun, relaxed environment for our members.

Our goals for MoP are to re-establish our tradition of clearing current content raids in both normal and heroic.

Our progression status is:
4/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults normal

We're not as far along progression as we would like, mainly due to reduced playtime available for our raiders during the holiday season. Added to that is a couple of our members' decision to seek adventures in other games. So we are looking for other like-minded raiders to fill our roster and continue to kill things.

Currently Recruiting (as of 12/3/12):
1-2 Ranged DPS
1 Tank

Our raid nights are:
Saturday and Sunday 9:30pm - 12:00am server

If you are interested in joining, go to http://retribution-guild.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=388263 and fill out an application

Feel free to contact an officer with any questions in-game:
Bloodknight, Phreay, Gennso, Trueregret, Zelithus

or /who Retrìbutìon
ì = alt+0236
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