<Dawning Light> LF Raiders!

<Dawning Light> is now recruiting for Mist of Pandaria Raiding!
We are a group of good raiders who love to kill dragons and have fun while doing so!

Raid Times:

*Tuesday 430-830 Server time
*Wedsday 430-830 Server Time

What are we looking for?

We are currently Recruiting:

*Restoration Shaman /w an Elemental Offspec
*Holy or Discipline Priest /w a Shadow Offspec
*Feral or Balanced Druid
*Elemental Shaman
*Shadow Priest
*Beast Mastery or Survival Hunter

Raid Leaders:

Main Raid Leader (Guild Leader): Kyroku, Fury Warrior

Raid Assistant: (Co-Guild Leader): Avá, Holy Paladin

Raid Assistant: (Co-Guild Leader): Scarcy, Spriest/Disc & Monk Brewmaster/Windwalker

Chat Program: Skype

We use skype because its what makes raiding fun! Everyone is conversing and making jokes, and we still get our kills. Its a different atmosphere than most raids and I'm sure if you give it a try you will enjoy yourself!

Loot System: Konfer Suicide Kings

We use this system because its a very fair one. It does not require an addon download to use and you won't have to worry about not having a chance at loot because everyone has an equal chance.

Perks of Raiding With <Dawning Light>

If you are a part of our raid group then we will make sure you are always ready to go!

We will supply you with


All that we ask out of our raiders is that they are on time and always giving it their best! If you can do that then we will take great care of you! :]

<Dawning Light> is not just looking for raiders!

We are interested in anyone who just wants to have fun with us! We want Levelers, Questers, PvPers, you name it! Everyone is welcome.

We are also in the look for people with creative imaginations to fill a very important spot!
We need Casual Officers!

If you are interested in raiding with us or just simply being a part of our guild then please contact Kyroku, Scarcy, or Avá (Alt+ 0225) in game or by in game mail. You can also add me on Real ID, Boricuakid4@yahoo.com
For more information on our guild you can go to Dawninglight.enjin.com
You can find the Loot System breakdown there as well.
i iz goodz and stuffs i has vents we can use skype is too hards for me can i haz invite?

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