Should Wintergrasp be a Battleground?

The reason why wintergrasp was great was because there were a ton of people doing it and lots of HK's went around for everyone. If they turned it into a BG it wouldnt be as many people, it would be 40, and it wouldnt be fun and it would become a lot like IOC and people would complain and want it to be removed. Its not a good idea and I dont support.
I'd love to see WG as a BG. It's designed so much better that IoC, SotA, and AV in terms of large-scale tower defense games.

Either that or an option for "AV-old school style". Eliminate resources, make the NPC's tough, make completing the quests a necessary part of winning the BG, and set up a rotation method so that you can join and leave as needed. Maybe run it once a week after server maintenance. Whichever faction wins gets a buff for the rest of the week.
Yes, please. Or at least scale up the vehicles so it's fun at max level again. There are always at least a handful of people in it on my server, but it's all but impossible to win as an attacker even now because the vehicles go down so fast, and it'll be even worse at 90.
I vote yes!
Update Wintergrasp... Use the ulduar concept of the vehicles scaling with gear level. That place was tons of fun!! IMO the best BG that they had ever made :) They've made so many new battlegrounds and /applause gg blizz. You've done good. I like the MoP ones too. With a fix to the first BG that had vehicles in it. More people would que WG than AV as far as the mass onslaught style BG. Don't let it continue to be the least que'd BG because the mechanics are outdated.

**I like Caldoria's idea. Make it perhaps a once daily or so BG and give some kind of cool honor buff that you get to carry as a winning member for x hours or till it runs again. Have The LFR channel post that battles are about to begin in the capital cities to boost participation.
09/21/2012 12:13 PMPosted by Vaedrin
SOTA is one of Blizzard's least popular, and WG sorta copies that mechanic... so no, probably not the best idea.

Pfft.. don't compare SoTA to WG. They can take strands and flush that place.
09/18/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Valtýrael
According to blues, if there's enough demand they might do it.

Can you provide a link to this discussion? Not calling you out, just curious to read about it.
09/18/2012 10:01 PMPosted by Bigbabby
but I like mining in WG....

Would you agree to it if they left the zone as is, but made it into a BG as well?

I would like that because I could try for the achievements.
yes, please. i thought with cross realm zones wintergrasp and tol barad would once again be HUGE battles, but guess what? they arent gonna be merging those zones.
go figure.

They aren't? How are we having so many bugs of winning but not winning, horde and ally NPCs in the keep at the same time. Being able to get into the keep even though the other faction owns it sometimes?
Would be a better alternative to what it is now.

Which is a bugged empty zone where people have zero incentive to participate.
It'll turn into another IoC if it were a battleground.

What made it awesome was Tenacity (feeling like a raid boss), and PvE guilds coming out to help in the battle to get control of a raid instance.
It'll turn into another IoC if it were a battleground.

Not really. What are you basing that on? IoC is what it is due to how it is designed rather than it's size.

Wintergrasp on the other hand worked great in it's time and functioned quite differently from IoC in it's prime despite both having large size, incorporating a ton of players and utilizing pug groups.
WG Would be just another Strand like BG to blacklist3.
I vote def yes, Wintergrasp was some of the most fun fights in the game. Not even comparable to Strands or Isle
All pvp zones should become bg's, add as many blacklists as u like, is up to the player if it wants to wait 10 hours for a single bg to popup. Also if any zone becomes a bg it will become attached to same bg queue filling rules, so no 40 vs 10. -Sounds good to me.

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