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The guild I'm currently with is in jeopardy. Apparently the Guild Master has left WoW, and it looks like the guild itself may get disbanded. I'm therefore looking to get into a new guild. If I can't, well I'll always have GW2 and LoL to play.

What I'm looking for is a guild that will allow me to raid with them as often as possible, and has no plans to disband anytime soon. I would like to have a ranged DPS caster role, as is fitting an Elemental Shaman. I have my rotation down-pat now and can dish out the hurt when required. Even though I am not Resto spec, I can contribute to healing if the need is urgent.

Below are my details for application:

Name: Kasuro
Race/Class: Draenei Elemental Shaman
Current Realm: Aman'thul
Armory Link: http://www.mywowarmory.com/profile.php?id=44800
Guild History: Been with a few. All but the current one have allowed me into raids to get experience. If they disband then that will of course change.
Raid Experience: Mostly Dragon Soul. Some older raids like MC and SSC. As far as DS goes I know the fights and what not to do (sick of LFR!!).
Item Level: currently sits at 397
Trade Skills: Alchemy and Herbalism
About me outside of WoW: Tafe student, studying multimedia, anything else just ask
Able to make raiding times: Yes (exceptions will be family emergencies or needing an early night for Tafe the next day)
Have a Mic/Headset and Vent: Yes
Location: Australia

I can switch faction and/or transfer server if required, but only if I am assured a spot.
Hey there Kasuro,

[A] Connection of Dath'Remar are seeking dedicated players to join our core raid team. Our goal is to recruit players that want to join a small and friendly community while maintaining solid progression. We are a mix of players that have come from other guilds and have decided to do our own thing in MoP.

Our schedule is quite flexible at the moment but we are looking at; Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:30-11:00PM (Server) if that interests you. I can be contacted directly in-game, via our recruitment thread or via BattleTag: Belacv#6196.


Happy Hunting and good luck :)
hey mate we are starting our guild back up we stoped raiding in DS looking for a shammy ele come resto

or see me in game Saurfang this toon
Centurion Knights on Frostmourne Alliance is recruiting Ranged DPS for MOP. Our guild is led and run by mature members and officers, and the guild was formed in 2007. We pride ourselves on reliability and stability, letting our players enjoy the game in a fun laid back environment. We raid 25m Wed/Thur/Sun 8:30 - 11:30 10GMT AEST.

We currently have high priority on Elemental Shaman as of right now we do not have one in our core 25m team, and we would like to change that!

Our raids are run following our Golden Rule of “making sure a raider’s time is never wasted”, which ensures a professional culture exists while raiding. Please add my BattleTag Argantis#1524 if you wish to speak further, apply at our website - http://centurionknights.guildomatic.com/ or reply here if you need any further information.

Hey Kasuro mate,
VLS is currently recruiting an elemental shaman for our 10 man group. We're on Jubei'thos Oceanic horde and 8/8 heroic. The guild is mostly made up of close mates that have just met eachother over the years of playing wow and are very friendly and welcoming :). Full Heroic experience is not required. Just dedication to learning your class and upcoming fights, and by the sounds of it you'll have no issues with that.

Our raid times are
Sunday: 5:30pm - 8:00pm Server Time (AEST)
Wednesday: 5:30pm - 8:00pm Server Time (AEST)
Thursday: 5:30pm - 8:00pm Server Time (AEST)

So if you're keen give us a message mate
Looking heaps forward to hearing from you :)
Thanks for the replies. I'll look the offers over and reply back soon.

The earliest I could join any of you is this Friday, as its when I get paid and I don't have enough money to server/faction transfer right now.

Just an FYI; there are certain items I will desire in MoP, in particular the Regalia of the Firebird T14 set and this weapon Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker. All in good time, although I would like those items at some point so I can achieve maximum performance and do my new would-be guild proud. :)
To Zore, Aramae, and Crunkzilla, I'll be making my decision soon on who I'll be choosing to go with. It won't be long now, and tomorrow I'll be able to transfer over.

Also have a list of the gear I'll be after in Mists of Pandaria (raid end-game level). Pretty sure it would be BiS (or very close to it) for my class and spec. Hoping I can get it all before the next major patch after MoP;

Firebird's Headpiece
Korven's Amber-Sealed Beetle
Firebird's Shoulderwraps
Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption
Firebird's Hauberk
Luminescent Firefly Wristguards
Kaz'tik's Stormseizer Gauntlets
Sparkmaker Girdle
Firebird's Kilt
Meng's Treads of Insanity
Watersoul Signet Fragment of Fear Made Flesh
Light of the Cosmos Essence of Terror
Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker
Aramae, I've submitted my app m8.
Hello, we are currently looking for an ele shman to join our ranks.
We raid at 7:30pm server Aus time.
if you are interested hit me up! ;O
we can chat on vent or in game its up to you, you can add me via ID also.
catch ya around

We are a horde guild by the way, so if you are interested in the guild please bare that in mind.
eagerly waiting your reply.

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