Looting issues

Bug Report
During Dungeon Finder runs on my Paladin in Violet Hold (nromal), I have encountered an error with looting that is a little troublesome. Occaisionally some of the downed blue dragonkin will have the sparkles as though they are lootable, but I cannot interact with them. I have seen similar looting problems over the past few weeks, but this is the only I can find that is still persisting.

I do not know if they dragons actually have loot, and I am unable to interact, or if they are just falsely showing they are lootable.

Recently I discovered a mining node in Whelgar's Excavation on Hydraxis that was unminable to me, leading me to believe the problems I experienced a few weeks ago have not been fixed entirely.

Edit: Added the dungeon
Edit 2: New discovery

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