Best PvP class at the moment?

Post-patch, my rogue is no longer fun to me... So I'm thinking about starting to PvP with another toon - but which class is currently singled out as the "best" PvP class (I know there's always one :P)?
Priest is extremely overpowered. Shadow or Disc, take your pick.
Since 5.0 hit:

Resto druid seem quite strong in PvP again, with all their new abilities available. So lots of those out.

Holy Paladins went a little nuts with the OP Shockadin builds, so lots of them are out right now. I had a Holy pally tell me he could kill anyone out there 1v1 right now.

Lots of people are dusting off their Warlocks, since they made them fun to play again.

I've seen a lot more Boomkins out in BGs as well. I don't know enough about them to tell you why.
Its not fun Why?
Cause you cant global most players now and actually have utilise all your skills to win.
Mop isnt even here yet and you wanna reroll cause rogues take work now. Just lol at this attitude lets quit a class everytime it becomes more complex.

I havent done arenas or rated Bgs but i do love my pvp in normal Bgs and while i miss some choices us rogues previouslyhad we arent nerfed in terms of damage.All i can say is wait and see what mop brings.

I definitely used all my skills beforehand - they actually feel LESS complex to me now. They lost a $h1t ton of depth imo :/

And from what I can tell, spriests seem to be the way to go :P
09/24/2012 09:47 PMPosted by Stabby
I definitely used all my skills beforehand - they actually feel LESS complex to me now. They lost a $h1t ton of depth imo :/

That's a lie if I ever saw one...

Reasons Priest seem OP is because they can heal. Healing is scaled for 90 if you played Beta SP are fine. Mages have great utility and will be very well represented in PvP. Mages will be the OP class again in MoP so I would roll that. I might be making one soon :)

I'm sure there are others.
Shadow Priests
Frost Mages
Fire Mages
BM Hunters
Depends how you pvp. Hunter has always been a fun and viable class in battlegrounds and world pvp. I say this as a launch toon i have played almost exclusively. So much utility and ability to dictate your battles.
I've had a lot of fun with my bm Hunter. I run a lot of bg and shadow priest, dk, resto druid, and monks (when I see them) have either taken a lot to kill or just waxed me. But honestly, if you play it right, any class can acheive success in PvP. Yes, some classes may be stronger than others. But you can always catch them with their pants down. >:) Personally I would go druid, shammy, or preist. As they can go dos but heal themselves too.

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