Can't /cancelform in treant form

Bug Report
I have a druid, who is specced restoration. I have glyphed the minor glyph, "Glyph of the Treant". This gives me a new shapeshift form, "Treant".

I have the following macro:

#showtooltip Grand Black War Mammoth
/cast [nomod] Grand Black War Mammoth; [mod:shift] Flight Form(Shapeshift)

If I am in bear form, cat form, travel form, or flight form, this macro will cancel my shapeshift form, and allow me to mount.

If I am in treeform, I receive the following error:

"You can't mount while shapeshifted"

Obviously treant form is not behaviour similarly to other druid shapeshift forms, and is not affected by the /cancelform macro command. Please fix when you have the time; I suspect that Treant form simply needs to be added to whatever array /cancelform checks.

where you would normally do something like this:
/cancelform [stance:5]

instead do this:
/run CancelUnitBuff("player", "Treant Form");

That will remove the treant form then you can cast it again.

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