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We're a group of adults aged 20-40 looking to expand our ranks. We are seeking people from all walks of life for Raiding, RBGs/Arena, and general mayhem. Our Raiding team forms on Friday and Saturday nights at 10PM CST/8PM PST. Our RBG team usually rolls Sundays, if they're not raiding.

It is important to note that we are first and foremost an easy-going guild. This is not a license to suck, and it does not mean we go in to raids to just laugh and wipe. This means that our guild was built upon the principle that you do not have to throw away your life to enjoy WoW. This means we won't yell at you about attendance, and we don't run any DKP system. We are all adults aged 20-40 with jobs, kids, spouses, classes, bands, and other habits that may prevent us from committing to a hardcore schedule.

That being said, we take our raiding very seriously. Nobody wants to waste 3-4 hours twice a week and have nothing to show. If you are interested in raiding, we require ILVL 470+, and if you are dps, we are looking for 60k+. We will, and have replaced people on our raid team due to performance and performance alone.

Our raid team is looking for:

2-3 DPS, Pref. Cloth, Rogue, DK/Pally
1 Healer, Pref. Pally/Leather


1. No drama, take it easy
2. Plan to commit to Fri/Sat nights for raiding
3. All ages(mature), walks of life, classes and levels welcome
4. No apps, no vent interview, find us @mal'ganis
5. All around general WoW fun, PVP, PVE
6. Party Times - Friday/Saturday 10PM CST/8PM PST til we collapse, Sunday Fundays
7. You can shoot Hamsalad, Jamsalad, or Tawok/Hayl a tell or mail for more info. You could also post here, or email me
8. Most SBYV members can invite members on a casual basis. If you are interested in raiding, find an officer.

Thanks for reading.

Tawok, Van Pilot of SBYV
"Stand by Your Van"

Yeah ... I do that a lot ... selling Ice Cream Bars and Candy Corn to the little gnome boys and girls ...

Maybe you've seen it ... Black van .. red details .. windowless :-}

oh yeah ... free bump for cool casual guilds ;)
We do have all sorts of delicious candy, ice cream, and your choice of puppy/kitten.

On a serious note, we're taking on a lot of re-rollers and people coming back from super long breaks. Everyone so far is really cool, and definitely on the same wave length of needing a cool home to hang out with casual players.
I hear the sound of opportunity knockin
Bump for a good group!
Thanks Grimm, bummer we couldn't work something out. Maybe if my buddies end up bailing on me I'll come over to KJ.
back up to the top, still trying to find those dirty casuals to fill my guild of merry men(and women)
09/20/2012 12:10 PMPosted by Tawok
go up
shoop da woop
is this thing on?
errrr uhhhh
I sense DeathDlz lurking nearby...
errr uhhh

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