Server First Chanting

Hey hey,

Just putting a friendly post out so some early levelers can make some extra cash.
In the first 24 hours I'll happily buy MoP greens for 500g per, feel free to CoD me (Jacob) if you're horde or post on the neutral AH if you're alliance.

I got the last 2 server firsts for chanting so I'm willing to throw my entire money pile at the screen to get another. Hopefully others won't waste their hard earned fortunes and miss out.

Also, if people need enchants quickly then feel free to /who me after I'm 90. I'll even do it for free if you're one of the people that have said they'll send me free greens =]

Hope you're all having a good day and stocking up on sleep before MoP hits.

- Jacob
Hey Hey,
Make sure you check neutral Auction House!
Jacob bruv i send u some.
Will do Uth, got an alt parked there now to make it faster.

qt <3
im down for this
I will make sure to log in and send you whatever greens I find in Storm Peaks because I love that zone.

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