[A] <Flagged for Awesome> AM Team (1/6)

<Flagged for Awesome > (8/8 HM -- 4/8 HM pre-nerf) is LF competent players to build it's rank for MoP.

What qualities we are looking for:

Raid-ready with post/food/flasks unless provided (in most cases are).
Geared and experienced for the current content, if not further.
ALL gear must be gemmed, enchanted and reforged properly in accordance with any stat. caps.
Punctual unless previously notified and notify your absence with enough time to fill your spot.
Professions at the max levels with their respective buffs in effect.
Actively learning fights BEYOND their respective roles to know all aspects of the fights.
Skill that is far above average.

What we can offer:

An active and fun environment that is dedicated to the game and progression.
Guild repairs.
Cauldrons/Feasts during raids/guild events.
Surrounded by very skilled players with years of experience that are willing and helpful to assist you.
Level 25 Guild Perks

Any further recruitment related topics, please contact Gleado, Critalfet or Baltruid in-game.

Applications are not Accepted or Declined on the website. If compatibility if found, further contact will be made via application post or "in-game".
Trial raiders will have 2 weeks to prove themselves otherwise your raid invites will be discontinued or designated as casual if a substantial skill level remains.

Raid Schedule:
-All times are based off of eastern time (realm time).

Wednesday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Monday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Invites promptly at 8:45AM to ready the raid.

Note: Suspected raid times listed are subject to change due to the team's availability. Saturdays Sundays are designated "off" days. A minimum of two days are used to raid during heavy progression and players must have almost perfect attendance.
Our current need is either of the following DPS classes:

Shadow Priest
Question: Is Monday supposed to be AM, or PM?
I'd be interested ... Fury Warrior.

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