Three Raiders for the Price of One!!!

Three experienced members of EoM, are currently looking for a new raiding home for MoP progression. We cleared all Cata content pre-nerf, and after taking a break ended up 4/8H for DS. All 3 of us havea min/max mentality, are on top of all the current and future class changes, and stellar attendance records. We require a team that raids from 7:30 sever to around 11:30. Our classes are

Grâyfox (Blood/Frost DK)
Missapollymi(Affliction Lock)
Crusadan(Holy/Ret) Paladin

Feel Free to contact me in game @realid Crus#1800 for more information.
Our 10 Man Group in <Sunder> could likely take you - the only issue would be your warlock friend would need to roll a different class. If he/she has any other possibilities please say. Obviously that's not likely possible, but it would complete our group. Regardless, message us further down on the page if you think we might be a fit for you. Our raid times are good for you as well.
Hello Crusadan! The Dark Templars. is open recruitment and we may have room for you guys depending on what happens who levels gears and all that bla bla stuff that comes with the new Expac raiding. This is of course if you guys are willing to transfer. If any or all of you have multiple classes that would extremly awesome.

Our Raid Times are Friday at 7:30-11:00 :) We want to raid a 2nd day in T14 since there are like twice as many bosses so potentially sunday. We are a casual guild that finished 5/8Heroic DS.

I think our guild fits you guys great we are a very friendly social fun guild that has good times for you and has completed about the same DS as you. We have the Casual but searious mentality. If maybe you guys are intersted but don't want to level to 90 as horde thats fine and you can join later.

Just msg me back on this thread if your intersted and we can talk more. I have a thread on the Sargeras forums for the guild too for more details.

Good luck with whatever guild and such you 3 end up joining in MoP :)
Go with Dark Templars, Restokinz offers a selective of rewards if you raid with him.
we could potentially take you on send me a tell in game
Edge of Extinction>
Level 25 Alliance Guild

(If TL:DR, go ahead and scroll down. "Important" info down there)

-= Guild History =-

We formed 3/21/2008, and after these short few years we've have seen quite a few people come and go. We've missed many of our old raiders, but it opened us up to the new faces around the server. But when there were no faces to be had, we had to make some hard choices. That's when we decided that Thunderlord couldn't be home to us anymore, and transferred here, to Sargeras.

While our player base has changed over the years, the leadership has not. Boduh and I are still dedicated to making sure this guild is always a welcoming community to all of our core raiders, guild friends, and just the general player who needs a home.

Now coming over to Sargeras was a doubled edged sword. We did bring some of our old friends, but lost a few that decided to just call the quits to WoW all together. But, it has given us an opportunity that we haven't seen in a long while. Primarily ability to tap into the large and talented player base that is Sargeras.

We originally started as a 25 man guild, like all others at the time, farming SSC/TK/BT/Hyjal. Over the years though with the 10 man raid becoming relevant, we did bounce down to 10's a few times due to inactivity of our server. We always focused on 25s, and the ability to give as much people as we could a place to raid on a dying server, but couldn't always succeed on reaching the active player base to do so. In saying this, we are currently going to run a 10 man here on Sargeras until we feel comfortable enough to have a 25 man. If enough interest in 25s pushes our hand quickly though we'll do our best to reach that point.

Raid Times
Tues, Wed, Thurs.
6:30 - 10:00 PM CDT (SERVER TIME)
4:30 - 8:00 PM PDT
7:30 - 11:00 PM EDT
She can roll either her warlock or Restoration/Enhance Shaman
09/23/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Crusadan
She can roll either her warlock or Restoration/Enhance Shaman

Variety yay!
09/22/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Mykönos
we could potentially take you on send me a tell in game

Myko beat me to it.... our recruitment thread is here :

Assuming you are over 21, we'd be interested in arranging interviews. As the above thread says, message Vaina, Klezk, or Insaetia in game. Doesn't hurt to touch base with Mykonos either.

We'd be interested in you for a 25-man raid. Assuming you level quickly in MoP and put in the effort to get your gear.

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