<Contact> 10m - 8/8 HM - LF Protadin/SPriest

<Contact> is a 10 man hardmode progression guild on US-Stormrage.


Originally from US-Dawnbringer, <Contact> transferred to US-Stormrage during Firelands to access a larger recruitment pool and raiding community. Our members have been playing together since 2008 -- all the way from Naxxramas to Dragon Soul. In Wrath of the Lich King, <Contact> was primarily a 25 man guild but downsized in Cataclysm for 10 man raiding and presently remains dedicated to the 10 man raiding format.

-=Cataclysm Progression=-

12/12 NM
7/13 HM

7/7 NM
6/7 HM

8/8 NM
8/8 HM (April - 15%)

-=Raid Schedule=-

We currently raid three (3) nights a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8:30-12:00 p.m. EST.

We do not expect our members to sacrifice real life obligations in preparation for the release date of Mogu'shan Vaults on October 2nd. We are currently aiming to be raid ready as a guild a week after the release of Mogu'shan (Oct. 9th), but this date remains flexible depending upon real life schedules and content requirements.


We run with a small roster and expect near perfect attendance during progression. 10 man rosters are particularly prone to progression delays (weeks or months of attempts) if one or two members sporadically miss raids; therefore, we are extremely sensitive about attendance rates (especially after our Dragon Soul experience, qq). Basically, do not waste our time. WoW is a game, but our time is still real.


We use Loot Council. Loot is a means to an end: killing bosses. Loot distribution is based around guild progression, not greed, emotion, or seniority. If you are more excited about your personal epics than killing a tough progression boss or helping your team members acquire much needed gear from a boring farm boss to increase overall team performance, then your attitude will quickly get you replaced.

Note: New members are subject to a 3 week trial (play time) and will not receive any loot or special items unless the item is defaulted.

-=Basic Raider Expectations=-

Your gear should be relevant to our progression and possess the correct gems and enchants. We ask for a good attitude and the willingness to work hard at a "wall" boss without losing your cool. You are expected to research boss encounters outside of guild raid time and remain up to date with your class community and its theorycrafting.

-=Recruitment Needs=- (in order of priority):

1. Protection Paladin (with strong knowledge of Retribution)

2. Shadow Priest (A knowledge of Holy and Disc would be a plus but not required)
or Moonkin (with strong knowledge of Restoration).

These are immediate and full time positions.

-=Contact Info=-
If you are interested, please visit our web site at http://contact.guildportal.com and apply on the forums. If you prefer to apply via in-game communication and/or Ventrilo, then that is fine also (send in-game mail or whispers to Hypatia, Savarra, or Bigshula), but do note that essentially the same questions that appear on the application will simply be asked directly.
I'm interested in joining with this toon.

I just started playing WoW 3 months ago, but I have played many other games competitively. I plan on becoming semi-hardcore with the start of MoP.

I can make all the raid times and I'll be playing a ton to get ready for Mogu'shan Vaults release.
Looking for that elusive Shadow Priest. . .

but a Bumkin would be nice, too.
Bump for Bumkin/SPriest

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