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Death Knight
What are your opinions of it? Personally, I'm not a fan of the robe design. The only time Death Knight's have worn robes are when they are first made, in the Archerus hold. The costume that includes the robe is shown to be that of acolyte properties, because if you noticed, it doesn't even contain all the toes. I feel like this was part of the death knight lore, because as we trained in becoming powerful death knights, we graduated from our weak acolyte robes(greens) into strong plate mail(blues), which symbolized our power transformation as well. Death knights have never worn a robe type set above those original greens, and I feel as though by giving us epic purple robes, it kind of takes away from everything bada$$ about being a dk. Warrior's never had a robe set, and paladin's can get away with robes because their class is supposed to be priestly and holy. Death knights are supposed to have a dark, evil powerful undertone to them, which doesn't stem well into robes as it does with other classes such as paladins, warlocks, and mages, who can still look like a BA while rocking a robe. Again, this is all just my opinion, but I have to imagine that someone atleast agrees with me. Death knight's don't stand still and cast during fights, they move around and use weapons, and realistically, a robe would just be counter intuitive compared to the flexibility of pants.
Just to dispel any criticism, I think that all of the tiers death knights have had up until this point looked cool in some way or another, its just this robe I can't stand.

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