Warlock and Hunter seeking MoP Raiding.

Hello Hyjal!
Myself as well as my girlfriend are both looking to raid come MoP. Due to work and college, our raid times are confined to either late nights on weekdays or later on weekends. The weekend raid times would be ideal, but we will consider the late night weekdays as well.

I raided in a competent Heroic guild throughout ICC, and raided the entirety of Wrath, following my BC levelling. I came back to the game around the time Firelands was released so I missed much of the content in Cataclysm. Mists looks far more intriguing to me so I am looking to get back into the raiding scene.
The Hunter is pretty much in the same boat as I am.

Does anybody have any guilds to recommend that need our classes, and have the raid times that we need? Thanks so much!

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