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Versus The World, a Kil'Jaeden Horde guild / www.vtwkj.com

Versus The World (VTW) is a new PvE end game progression guild starting up for MoP. We are recruiting just about all classes/roles to fill out our roster over the next couple weeks as we level up. Initially we will be setting up a 10 man raid team (or two), while we build up our roster so we can enter the 25 man raid format. With a new expansion, new guilds emerge, this is a fun and exciting time to get in at the ground level with a new guild just forming. No seniority issues or cliques to get aquanted with. This is a fresh new project, and everyone is equal.

VTW will be raiding Tues, Wed, and Thurs 8pm~11pm PST (server time), however during progression we may extend our raid times to Monday, or go beyond 11pm (no more than 1 hour). If you can not make these times, do not apply.

Applicants should be 18 or older; extremely skilled and efficient at your class/spec; have a headset and willing to speak; able to maintain a very high raid attendance (90%+); and open to criticism or suggestion. Since this is a new expansion, past raiding experience is a plus, however not absolutely required. We are more interested in your raw skill and the ability to learn fast, than bosses you killed in past expansions.

Other qualities we feel are beneficial to applicants... Someone who puts in time to research and theorycraft their class/spec to get the most out of it. Responsible raiders, coming to raids prepared with an ample supply of food, flask, and pots... This also means having the best enchants, gems and professions to min/max your capabilities. Achievement !@#$%s, seasoned players, experienced raiders, lore nerds, and the like are huge pluses... and above all else, the ability to put the guilds needs before your own. If you're only interested in getting loot and logging off, then skip ahead to the next guild.

The raid style is friendly, laid back, and fun, however this doesn't mean screwing around and wasting peoples time. We take raiding rather seriously, and expect all members to come to raids with a serious boss slaying mindset. However, in our downtime we do like to have fun. If this sounds like the type of guild for you, and you feel you have the aforementioned qualities, please visit our website and fill at a quick and easy app, or you can contact me, Aurora, ingame, on our website, or via battletag (pixelbat#1102). Officer opportunities available also.

Our sexy website - www.vtwkj.com
Inb4 the typical recruitment thread trolling starts. Good luck, Aurora! <3
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