State of Rogues - lvl 90 will not resolve

I read these forums to pass the time and because I enjoy reading about, playing, and talking about the game with my friends and just for the game itself. I've played the game since 2005 with a few breaks here and there. I am a casual, though have been hardcore in the past. I've always wanted to play a rogue, and finally got one leveled in Wrath just for Cataclysm. I played the rogue and my DK most of Cataclysm (except for a few month break) outside of leveling a few of my other toons for a change in scenery.

I will likely not be playing my rogue as a main in MOP even though it's my favorite character. I'm not quite sure what I'm playing yet, but I can't play the rogue in its current state - maybe I'm just not skilled enough. I know I'm not in the best gear, but it's not terrible. I went from doing 4+k dps (not the best, but respectable) down to maybe 1800-2400 in BGs and I die constantly now. We've lost cool downs, we've lost survivability, we've lost PVP-DPS, we've lost mobility, and most of all, we've lost the fun factor. Now I see what appears to be balancing nerfs coming in, and I'm really trying hard to figure out how we're imbalanced when all of these other issues are so blatantly obvious to someone like me.

I'm not a theory crafter. I don't know all of the ins-n-outs of the class like some do. I did get to 1600 arena rating on this guy once by only doing 100 or so games, but not what I would consider a, "great" pvp'er, but I do PVP more than I do anything else in the game and I know how to pvp no matter the class I'm playing. I'm even proud of my 82k HKs across all of my toons when most of the good players probably are well over 100k on 1 toon.

I know this plea for a review of the rogue class in detail and hopefully a real overhaul will likely not be read by the blues, or even considered since I'm not giving what they would consider enough detail and theorycraft behind my plea. It's mainly because I'm not educated enough in the numbers to do so but I don't think it can be fixed just by some buffs made in silos. It's more holistic then that.

I would really enjoy playing this character, but it's just not fun right now though I will continue playing the game. I know some of you guys are saying, "wait until 90" and such, but I don't believe that it's going to make a difference -- not with how strong every other class seems to be vs. the rogue.

TLDR: Disappointed greatly in what the class has become post 5.0 patch. likely not to play the class until major changes occur due to Rogues being broken. level 90 isn't going to be the silver bullet that fixes it folks.
I am going to play my rogue still for PVE. IDK about pvp as of yet... I will have to check it out at lvl 90.

I am thinking of playing my priest shadow spec this time. I have this itch with the buff of DOTs and the nerf of dispells to try some DOT cleave arenas.

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