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Bleeding Hollow
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P.S. RBGS/Heroic raids/huge world pvp events coming up in the next few weeks as everyone hits level 90 and gets geared ! Whisper in game for invite to whats becoming the fastest growing guild on the server.
Awww yeah!

P.S. Gurubashi Bobsled Team JOIN THE REVOLUTION
Join Gurubashi Bobsled Team, and fight along side animals like me. I am a simple bear on an epic mission to slay the tyrants known as ironwolf clan
Bump for free doritos and pvp
09/30/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Doritinna
Bump for free doritos and pvp

nacho cheese or cool ranch?
Either or, Kenokost. Either or.

Bump for season starting, 10 man premade BGS for honor farming, and epic world pvp incoming!

Also top 5 arena teams ;)
10/01/2012 04:15 PMPosted by Pinkrangerz

I'd have to agree.
Bump for pleasing cool ranch and original lovers!

and for wpvp / arena / rbg / 10 man heroics and all that good stuff ;)
Bump for boredom.
Man I love cool ranch. I've always been persecuted for that love. I tried the new Blazin' Buffaloo and Ranch, however. Delicious but so deadly. I can honestly say it's not worth it to eat them. I literally could not sit down for 20 minutes after that poop.

Back on topic : Grinding honor all day in Gurubashi Bobsled Team, 10 man premades!!!!!
Are you calling me a dirty hoe?

P.S. Someone should be sure to post on the forums when servers come back up

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