Any other Halo Reach players?

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Doesn't matter if you play MLG and are on a top 10 team or if you're just starting out.

I myself am looking to get back into Halo after not playing MLG for about 8 or so months. Played MLG on H3 since the game was just coming out.

GT on XBL: zZiWallyZz

Add me to play sometime :D
Heck yeah, big Halo fan here. I like MLG and all but I'm not good at it. I'll add you though. :)

GT: Trude174
Got ya. Wasn't at my xbox when you added me lol. Good to see another Halo fan :D
Bumping this because I'm quit interested in finding more Halo fans.
i do rather enjoy a good game of halo.
Glad to see some other spartans out there.
Needs more halo players.

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